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The incredible Baroque in the Noto Valley

During your stay at the hotel Casa Talìa, and Stacci, situated in Modica  in Ragusa district in Sicily, you can admire the incredible Baroque in the Noto Valley.


Modica, in Ragusa district, is also called “the town of 100 churches ” because of the many places of worship in the town. Many churches are in Baroque style, and for its beauty the old town center was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Cathedral of St. George is dedicated to the patron saint of Modica. The façade is characterized by a tower structure more than 60 meters long which culminates with the dome. The stairway with 160 steps leads to the entrance of the church. The building is considered one of the best representations of the Sicilian Baroque style.


Cathedral of St. George Modica

Next to the Cathedral of St. George there is Palazzo Polara, in late Baroque style and built in late 700. On the sober façade there’s the coat of arms with the symbol of the noble family who owned it: a guiding star.


Ragusa is called the town of bridges because of the three buildings that connect the different parts of the town. The oldest part is Ragusa Ibla which coincides with the old town centre.

Here we can find the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist  with its bell tower that is more than 50 meters high and a rich façade supported by six columns and decorated with numerous sculptures. Inside the cathedral we can find many works of art including sculptures and paintings.

The Bertini Palace dates back to 700 and its late Baroque style is characterized by statues on the respective windows. They are “masks” that represent three characters: the beggar, the nobleman, the merchant.

Ragusa Castello (charlesbegniamino)_opt

Donnafugata Castle photo charlesbegniamino

Donnafugata Castle is an imposing mansion built in 800 that is commonly called the castle because of its beauty. Its white walls are in neo-Gothic style and the sides of the building are two round towers. All around the castle there’s a beautiful park that includes a stone labyrinth.


The old town centre of Scicli is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the baroque buildings that characterize it.

In Via Mormino Penna we can find an overview of baroque buildings, so that even those built later have adapted to the predominant style. Here we can find the Spadaro Palace, the church of Saint Teresa and the church of Saint John the Evangelist. Among the most beautiful palaces of Scicli we can find the Palazzo Beneventano, built in 700. The facade has the characteristic masks placed on the windows, and the coat of arms of the family which is also considered the symbol of the town, represented by two dark heads.

The mother church of Scicli is the Church of St. Matthew. The facade is in Baroque style, but the building has a much more ancient origin and dates back to the Norman period. The church is made of different styles. It is located on a hill outside the town.

Church of St. Matthew photo marcello mento


Noto is considered the capital of the Baroque style and its old town center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The church of Santa Chiara dates back to the first half of the 17th century, but was built in a sixteenth-century style.   Inside we can find again the baroque style that characterizes many buildings in the area, along with many works of art such as the sculpture of the Virgin and Child made of marble.

Nicolaci Palace of Villadorata is the seat of the town library. The portal is characterized by two large Ionic columns at the sides and an impressive balcony. On the front there are other balconies with Baroque sculptures, each one unique, representing mermaids, winged horses, centaurs and other legendary animals.


Marzamemi is located in Siracusa district, and is about 20km from Noto. It overlooks the sea and has a long tradition of fishing and still is home to one of the most important tuna fishing fleet in Sicily. Its beautiful beach and crystal clear waters attract thousands of tourists every year.

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