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Religous parades, chocolate and music in the Noto Valley

During your holiday at the hotel Casa Talìa, and Stacci, situated in Modica  in Ragusa district  in Sicily, you can take part in religous parades, chocolate and music in the Noto Valley.


On St. Joseph’s day, on the weekend of the 19th of March in Scicli, there is the Cavalcade of St. Joseph.The festival consists of a spectacular procession on horseback that invades the streets of the town with its colors. All the town is involved in this religious event along with thousands of tourists and curious people. To participate in the ride the horses are decorated  with excellently made mantles, decorated with flowers and figures representing both St. Joseph and other religious scenes. The procession is impressive and colorful!


Madonna Vasa Vasa is the Madonna that is carried in procession on Easter Sunday  in Modica. The statues of the Madonna and Jesus are carried around in two different paths  until they meet. During the meeting the statues come close in a hug and a kiss, called the “vasata”, as the characteristic name of Madonna says. The Easter procession is festive and engaging   thousands of people to attend the “vasata”.

Madonna Vasa Vasa photo pasqualion.wordpress


In late April in Modica there is the Feast of St. George. The patron saint along with St. Peter. During the festival there is a procession with “sangiuggiari” (Sangiorgiari) who carry the horse statue of St. George on their shoulders. More than a procession it simulates a ride with sangiuggiari racing through the streets of the town and occasionally stops to take a break along the way while drinking and eating.


In May in Scicli there is the Feast of The Virgin of the Army. This reenactment is very old and dates back to the battle between the Normans and the Saracens in 1091. The Virgin is a warrior who is depicted on horseback with   armour. She’s played by an actor during the representation of the battle, he intervenes to remind the intercession of the Virgin and to give the victory to the Christians.


On the 3rd weekend of May there’s the Flower Festival in Noto. This wonderful event sees the creation of “pictures” on the streets. Using only flowers and petals, artists show their skills and imagination, with intricate patterns and rich details that fill the town with colours.

Infiorata (gazzettinodelsudest)_opt

Flower Festival photo gazzettinodelsudest


In October in Ragusa there’s the Ibla Buskers. Ibla is the old town center of Ragusa, and with its beautiful baroque buildings, it becomes an exceptional stage for the exhibition of street performers (buskers). The proposed numbers range from acrobatics to magic tricks,  mimes, dancers, music, cabaret. A fun event for adults and children!


In December in Modica there’s the Chocobarocco. The period before Christmas is perfect to celebrate the homemade chocolate of Modica. This chocolate offers many variations and so many possibilities of use in the kitchen and here you will see them all! Many traditional and modern ideas to enjoy the chocolate and of course many tastings!

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