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Typical products and food of the Sicilian culinary tradition

If you stay at the Blanc Maison Etna-Relais & Charms, the Inn Liberty, and Sicilia’s Art Hotel & Spa located on the slopes of Mount Etnayou can taste typical products and food of the Sicilian culinary tradition.

EVO oil of Etna DOP

Tasty and fragrant, the EVO oil of Etna Dop is produced, in full compliance with the rules of production, harvesting the olives and cold squeezing them manually. You can find different types: lemon, chili pepper and garlic.

Etna Apples

Few farmers today are engaged in the cultivation of the ancient varieties of apples of Etna with bitter tastes, sweet and intermediate between the two flavors. There are about twenty varieties of apples, and today only a few hundred quintals are produced. 

Prickly Pear of Etna DOP

Originally from Central and South America, the prickly pear of Etna was introduced to Sicily in the 16th century and here found the ideal climate to “settle”. It has an oval shape, thorns on the peel and a sweet orange pulp. It obtained DOP certification in 2003.

Meatballs in lemon leaves, photo by blog.giallozafferano

Meatballs in lemon leaves

This typical Sicilian specialty will surprise you with its blend of flavours and aromas from which it is cooked. They are made with chopped veal, potatoes, grated parmesan cheese, parsley and lemon leaves. The latter give the dish that acrid smell, typical of citrus fruits, which is released at the time of cooking. For those who love delicate flavours, those who try it will not regret it.

Bronte Pistachio

A Slow Food Presidium, Bronte Pistachio is considered the green gold of Sicily. It has obtained DOP certification, proof of the great quality of the raw materials used to make everything: creams, pestos, sweets of all kinds and much more..

Fritto di Masculina da magghia

The Masculine da Magghia are anchovies, caught in the stretch of coast from Capo Mulini to Augusta. It is a very tasty typical dish that is eaten, as tradition dictates, breaded first and then fried.

Trunzo d’Aci affogato

Trunzo d’Aci is the turnip of Aci grown in or around Acireale. It can be eaten raw or stewed with pasta. The peculiarity of this typical Sicilian dish is all in the name! The “acesi”, as the inhabitants of Acireale call themselves, use the term Trunzo d’Aci to insult their friends in a good-natured way. Saying “You are such a turnip head!” or “You are a trunzo d’Aci” is the same thing!

Pasta alla Norma, photo by food52

Pasta alla Norma

Pasta alla norma is a typical dish of Sicilian cuisine made with penne, fried aubergines, tomato sauce and salted ricotta for a blaze of mouth-watering smells and flavors!

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