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Small villages, palaces and cathedrals in Mantua and surroundings

During your stay in the Agriturismo Beatilla, situated in Marmirolo,  in Mantova district, in Lombardia, you can visit small villages, palaces and cathedrals in Mantua and surroundings.


In the beautiful town of Mantova, the capital of culture in 2016, you can visit the Ducal Palace. Actually, it is a very articulate complex which includes several buildings all linked together via tunnels and corridors. Among the rooms of the palace there are precious frescoes by Mantegna.


Palazzo Te Mantova

Palazzo Te was built because of Federico Gonzaga in 1525. Nicknamed “Palace of glossy deceit”, it has many frescoes, the most beautiful and famous ones are in the Hall of Giants.

The Shrine of the Virgin of the Grace was built in Lombard Gothic style, the interior consists of a single nave with a frescoed vault with floral decorations. On the ceiling there is a stuffed crocodile, probably because it is associated, like the dragons, to the figure of evil. The sanctuary houses the tombs of many members of the Gonzaga family.

St. Peter’s cathedral, or Duomo of Mantova is the main church of the town. On the facade you can see the spiers built in the fifteenth century and the bell tower in Romanesque style, the interior is divided into five naves with 4 rows of beautiful Corinthian columns. The Cathedral houses the tombs of many people including St. Anselm patron of the town, some members of the Gonzaga family, Eleanor of Austria.


St. Peter’s cathedral Mantova

The Rotunda of San Lorenzo is a Romanesque church with the unique circular structure. It preserves beautiful frescoes of the eleventh century in Lombard Romanesque style of the Byzantine school.

The Bibiena Theatre or Scientific Theatre of the Academy, was designed by Antonio Bibiena to replace a sixteenth century theatre. The new theatre was inaugurated in 1769, called the most beautiful theatre in the world by Mozart’s father, it is also called “scientific” because it housed lectures and meetings of the Academy.


In Sabbioneta we can visit the Ancient Theatre or Olympian Theatre built in the late sixteenth century. It is characterized by an elegant structure with Corinthian columns and statues representing mythological gods.

The Ducal Palace in Sabbioneta or Great Palace, dates back to 1570 and includes many decorated halls, such as the Duke D’Alba room, the Hall of the Eagles, the Hall of Elephants.


Borghetto, frazione di Valeggio sul Mincio, è uno dei borghi più belli d’Italia. Qui possiamo visitare il ponte visconteo, vari mulini ad acqua, la chiesa di San Marco Evangelista.


Ponte Visconteo Borghetto


In Valeggio sul Mincio you can visit the beautiful Scagliero Castle dating back to the thirteenth century, a medieval fortification that still preserves numerous towers. One of these, the round tower, seems to be haunted by the ghost of a knight who returns every stormy night to look for his lost sword.


In Castellaro Lagusello you can visit the Castle, built by the Scaglieri in the thirteenth century, is located in the center of the village and has always had a strategic function. You can also see the church of St. Nicholas of Bari and the Natural Reserve morainic complex of Castellaro Lagusello.

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