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Lurano and the enchanting scenery of the Bergamo midlands

This small Bergamo town is known for being the last outpost of the Venetian Republic and therefore rich in beautiful monuments and landscapes.


Among the most important sanctuaries to visit in Lurano there is the Madonna delle Quaglie which dates back to 1400, inside which there are important frescoes and whose name is linked to a unique legend. In the Middle Ages the two most important families of the city, but also fierce rivals, the Agliardi and Suardi, fought for a quail killed after a hunt.  While they were discussing the matter, however, the quail came back to life and took off through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, who wanted the two families to reconcile.

Another very important sanctuary is Santa Maria del Fonte or Nostra Signora di Caravaggio, a title given to the Virgin following her appearance in 1432 in the countryside surrounding the city.

Santa Maria del Fonte or Nostra Signora di Caravaggio

The sanctuary was built in 1575 on a previous votive chapel erected after the miracle.  In the pinch in front of the sanctuary there is an obelisk with inscriptions that commemorate the miracles performed by the Virgin and immediately next there is a large fountain whose water comes directly from the baptismal font and is used as a swimming pool for the infirms.

The exterior of the majestic sanctuary also evokes the grandeur of the interior, which is divided into a single nave with a Latin cross plan with Ionic columns.

A very important element is the high altar, which has a round marble structure with columns alternating with statues holding a throne soaring towards the dome.

Crespi D’Adda

Continuing in the visit of the beauties of Bergamo, a must see destination is villaggio Crespi which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a real ideal town of work built to allow the many workers who once worked in the textile factory of the Crespi family, to also have a home for themselves and their families.

Venetian walls, Bergamo


You cannot visit Lombardy without seeing Bergamo, where the imposing Venetian walls that run for 6 km around the city welcome you.

Built in 1561 by the Republic of Venice to limit external attacks, they have remained intact until this day and have recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By strolling around the city you reach the main square, Piazza Vecchia, once the center of the political power of the city. On the center there are important buildings such as the Palazzo della Ragione dating back to 1100 and the ancient seat of the municipality and the Torre Civica better known as “il Capannone“, while in the center is the Contarini fountain offered to the city in 1780 by the Potestà Alvise Contarini.

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