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Flavours and devotion in the feasts and festivals of Catania Area


In February in Catania there is the Celebration of St. Agatha. To the patron saint of the town is dedicated a spectacular celebration with the participation of the faithful and is one of the most important celebrations in Italy. The festival takes place in 3 days with The offer of wax procession, the tour outside of the town, and finally the tour inside the town with the San Giuliano Ascent among the most exciting moments.

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Celebration of St. Agatha photo saint-agatha


In February in Acireale, you can attend one of the most impressive and engaging carnivals. The procession consists of paper made allegorical floats of imposing size, full of lights and color, with moving elements thanks to complex mechanical and hydraulic systems.There are also the beautiful flowered floats, made exclusively with fresh flowers.

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Acireale Carnival photo cultura.biografieonline


In March in Ramacca there’s the artichoke festival that has been organized for more than 25 years. The specialty of Ramacca is the violet artichoke, one of many key products of this village of agricultural origins. In the festival there are many dishes made with artichokes, from pasta to meat side dishes, or side dishes of roasted artichokes. During the occasion the village will also organize parades in costume and dances of folk groups.


In June in Acireale there’s the Sicilian Granita Festival. The Sicilian granita has distant origins when the “nivaroli” went to collect the snow to Mount Etna or the Iblei and kept it in icehouses. In summer they took advantage of the snow to prepare fresh foods like lemon granita. Today you can still cool off with an excellent granita prepared in street.


In June in Acitrezza, there’s the U Pisci a Mari, an event related to fishing included in the celebrations for the patron saint San Giovanni Battista. It is a representation of the swordfish catching which is traditionally done in the Strait of Messina and has a rite function. This festival represents the long relationship between man and sea.


In late August in Bronte there’s the Pistachio Festival. All the dessert recipes, creams, ice creams, cakes, nougats, are made with this local product that has gained the recognition of Pistachio of Bronte DOP. You can taste even the famous Sicilian cannoli with ricotta cheese prepared with pistachio. During the festival there’s also a competition among the confectioners who will have to win the trophy with the best dessert made of pistachio.


Every Sunday of October in Zafferana there’s the Ottobrata, a market exhibition of typical products of Etna. The market is crowded and full of food products such as honey, grapes, wine, nuts, olive oil, mushrooms, jams, olives, and everything that is produced in this wonderful land. There are also many craft products such as wood carvings, stone, paintings, embroidery, sewing, wrought iron.

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