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The delightful fish of the Lake Bracciano

During your stay at Trevignano Romano, province of Rome, on the Lake Bracciano , in Lazio, you’ll get to taste the delightful fish of the Lake Bracciano, and the traditional dishes of this wonderful region.

Coregone arrosto

The Roasted whitefish is a much appreciated recipe in Lazio, realized starting with this lake fish. After taking out the innards and the scales,  the whitefish is roasted on the grill. It can be seasoned with olive oil and salt, or minced parsley in the belly before cooking, oil and lemon.

Filetti di tinca impanati

The tench is another freshwater fish, commonly found in the Lake Bracciano and the breaded tench fillets are one of the many recipes that has long been used by locals to enhance their delicate flavor. The fish needs to be cleaned from the innards and the backbone, the fillets are then breaded and fried in butter. The tasty fish second course is best served with pieces of lemon.


Luccio al cartoccio

Filetti di luccio alla griglia

The grilled pike fillets are an excellent and flavoursome second course. In fact, the pike is stuffed with lard, salt, pepper and rosemary. The stuffed fish is then cooked on the grill, not too near to the fire, so that the cooking is slow enough to let the lard melt. After about 30 minutes you’ll get to taste the amazing result, best accompanied by a local white wine!

Luccio al cartoccio

The pike baked in foil is another recipe that enhances this special fish. The pike is cleaned and the scales are taken off, then its seasoned inside with salt, pepper and lemon. The fish is placed on tin foil in a pan and it’s seasoned with a onion, celery and carrot mince. Plus, juniper berries, cloves and oregano are added to give character to the dish, The tin foil is closed and is left in the oven for 30 minutes. This cooking method is ideal because it lets the fish absorb all the ingredients’ flavors, for a really juicy outcome! To make the dish even more tasty you can prepare a sauce with orange juice, lemon, capers, oil, salt, that you can pour on the fish after cooking or as a side sauce.

Frittura di Latterini

Frittura di Latterini foto mangiaregreco

Anguilla alla cacciatora

The eel “alla cacciatora” is a traditional recipe of the Lazio region, very simple but yet tasty. The eel is chopped and floured. Aside a pesto is prepared with plenty of garlic, parsley, marjoram, sage, rosemary, all fried in olive oil. Then the eel is added and cooks in oil until every part is is browned. Lastly some vinegar and white wine to flavour and to get rid of the fat. When the liquids evaporate the dish is ready and served hot.

Frittura di Latterini

The smelt is another freshwater fish very common in the Bracciano Lake, and the fried smelts are the protagonist of a festival that takes place in Bracciano in the month of May. This little fishes have a slightly bitter aftertaste but when prepared following this recipe their taste becomes delicious. The recipe is really simple, the smelts are floured and fried in plenty of oil, the secret is marinating them with hot vinegar, minced parsley, garlic and herbs. After 5 – 6 hours you will taste them in all their delicacy.

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