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Padua and the beautiful villages in the area

During your stay in the agritourism Ca’ Orologio or at Villa Decorati, situated in Baone, in Padova district, in Veneto, you can visit Padua and the beautiful villages in the area.


In the small village Arquà Petrarca, we can find Piazza Roma, with palazzo Contarini in gothic style dating back to the fifteenth century, and the Church of Saint Mary.

In the village you can visit the House of Petrarca, he moved there in 1369 and participated to the restoration of the villa, the loggia was added in the Renaissance. In Arquà we can also see the tomb of the poet, an ark made of red Verona marble.


The town of Este boasts a defensive wall among the best preserved in Italy. Among the most important fortifications there is the Castello Carrarese, built in 1339 situated on a hill, in the castle there’s also the starting point of the walls with watchtowers.


Este Castle photo maisondartpadova

Piazza Maggiore is one of the most interesting points of the town, located in the New Village dating back to the thirteenth century. Around the square we can see the many palaces and arcades built in the middle of the fifteenth century and onwards. The center of the square features a flagpole built in 1880, called “pilo”.

In Atestino Museum we can find important finds, with its 11 rooms it includes many objects and documents that testify the history of Este and the surrounding area from prehistoric times to the Roman era with the necropolis, and the medieval and modern life.

The Santa Tecla Cathedral preserves many valuable works as the altarpiece by Tiepolo depicting Santa Tecla, and the Ruffatti organ, among the largest in the entire region.


In Montagnana in Piazza Maggiore there’s the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the main church of the town. Built in the early 500 in the late Gothic style it houses numerous works including the Transfiguration by Veronese and Giorgione’s frescoes depicting David and Judith.

Montagnana duomo_opt

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta Montagnana

Villa Pisani is a typical Venetian villa dating back to 1522. Designed by Palladio is one the Venetian villas part of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s a sophisticated villa with double loggia and semi columns, vaulted ceilings and several fireplaces.


In Padova, we can admire the beautiful Scrovegni Chapel. Dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, includes the famous frescoes by Giotto made in the fourteenth century, with The Last Judgement, the Stories of Mary, the Stories of Christ, the stories of Joachim and Anna.

The Palazzo della Ragione dates back to early 300, the outside is characterized by beautiful arcades, while inside the upstairs salon is decorated with beautiful frescoes in astrological theme with zodiac signs, planets and constellations.


Basilica of Saint Anthony Padova

The Basilica of Saint Anthony, called by the faithful “the Saint”, has a magnificent structure. The façade, 28 meters high in the Romanesque style, houses the statue of St. Anthony in one of the niches. The church also has eight domes in Byzantine style and two 68 meter high twin towers. Inside there is the Chapel of the Treasury which includes various relics, including the reliquary containing the chin of Saint Anthony, and the shrine of the saint’s tongue.

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