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Carnival, Jazz and medieval events in Casperia area

During your stay at La Torretta B&B, which is located in Casperia, in the distrit of Rieti, in Lazio,  you will be able to appreciate Carnival, Jazz and medieval events in Casperia area, and other events organized in this beautiful area.


At Poggio Mirteto, in February, the CARNEVALE CON CARRI (CARNIVAL FLOATS) take to the streets bringing all the joy typical of this wonderful party. The carnival for children takes place a few days before the major carnival with a parade of floats through the city streets, hundreds of costumes, colours and confetti, dance and music and the inevitable carnival sweets. Besides being a representation of carnival tradition celebrated in the country before Lent, the carnival of Poggio Mirteto is also related to the popular uprising of 24th February 1861, which decreed the release of Poggio Mirteto from the Papal States and the Unification of Italy, so it is also called Carnevalone Liberato. (Freed Carnival).


In June Casperia admire the GARA NAZIONALE IN COSTUME DI ARCIERI (NATIONAL ARCHERS RACE IN COSTUME). Many medieval villages Italian pride themselves with teams of archers, and the event in Casperia has, for the past few years, represented them all. In fact, this race is held within the national championship league of medieval archers, and attracts archer groups from all over Italy, ready to challenge one another at historic medieval archery. The targets are set along the streets of Casperia’s historical centre, and when the race is over, the archers take part in a medieval-inspired banquet with lots of food and dishes typical of that time. The award ceremony ends the event, done with local products such as olive oil, wine and spirits.


Fara Music Festival


Fara in Sabina in July, will conquer you with its concerts at FARA Music Festival, an event dedicated entirely to jazz. 8 concerts will see as many groups and Italian and international artists giving life to a catchy musical event. Every year, the Festival awards a prize to an artist who will stand out for their performance and innovation brought to the jazz and blues scene.


Casperia in August, hosts the SAGRA DEI STRINGOZZI (STRINGOZZI PASTA FESTIVAL) , where you will be given the chance to taste this delicious pasta topped with meat sauce and accompanied by grilled meat. For over thirty years, this festival has been attracting tourists and locals to the historical centre, and after dinner guests can take to the dance floors for some liscio dance moves or walk the streets of the town centres among crafts stalls.


Medioevo in festa foto i1os


MEDIOEVO IN FESTA (MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL) takes place in Roccantica in August, and it’s a historical re-enactment that for the past twenty years has brought the village of Roccantica back to medieval times. In 1059 a bloody battle in defence of the Rocca and Pope Nicholas II who had found refuge there, left alive only 12 survivors who were enfeoffed by the Pope with the Bull of 1060. Today a procession of 500 people dressed in period costumes including ladies, knights, jugglers, flag twirlers recall the events together with fireworks and flames made with effects on the towers, as well as storytellers in the period language accompanied by medieval music.

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