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Fish and tortelli along Lake Bolsena

During your stay along Lake Bolsena, in Lazio, you can taste Fish and tortelli along Lake Bolsena, and the best typical dishes in this beautiful region.

La Sbroscia

The Sbroscia is a fish soup, and is one of the most ancient fish based dish of Bolsena. The richness of the lake’s waters offers a rich variety of fish and the Sbroscia is an old recipe that was prepared by fishermen, the soup should traditionally be prepared using the lake’s water. Fishermen used different fish in varying amounts, depending on their catch, but the tench, probably one of the most common fish, is mandatory in this recipe! So, to prepare the soup you can use  tench, perch, pike, eel, even lake shrimp. The traditional cooking takes place in a earthenware container with lightly fried in olive oil garlic, onion and mint. The fishes have to be cleaned and sliced and then added to the sauté along with diced potatoes and cherry tomatoes. After thirty minutes you’ll have a dense and fragrant soup, and if you really want to follow the tradition, you should eat it in a bowl, along with some slices of toasted stale bread.


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The Tortello is a delicious fresh stuffed pasta produced in many varieties anywhere in Italy. The Tortello is often filled with ricotta and, particularly, at Grotte di Castro in the province of Viterbo, the tortello is sweet, and every year there’s a festival in his honor. The pasta is made with durum-wheat semolina, egg and olive oil, it’s pulled and sliced in stripes, on which you place the dollops of filling. The stuffing is prepared with ricotta, sugar, egg yolk and cinnamon. After sealing them up, the tortelli have to be boiled in salt water. The dressing for the tortelli can be very simple, such as butter and sage, or more complex, such as gravy, for example lamb or pork, and a sprinkling of nice local pecorino.


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The Coregone of Bolsena Lake is an excellent freshwater fish, introduced at the beginning of ‘900 for an intervention of repopulation. The fishing is performed all year round and this fish has always represented a gastronomic richness for the villages that surround the lake. The Foregone can be tasted roasted, cleaned and cooked on the grill, seasoned only with oil and salt, or with a parsley, oil and lemon mince. Another typical recipe that you can taste in this area is the Foregone alla bolsenese. The preparation is more elaborated because the fish have to be cleaned and opened to remove the spines, then put in the oven with garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper, and you’ll get a delicious dish! Lastly, you can taste the foregone on the grill, cleaned, salted, and with a herbs mince into the fish, put it on the hot grill and dusted with olive oil. You’ll have to add other oil to the dish. If you love fish you shouldn’t miss these dishes!

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