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The typical dishes of Ferrara area

Anguilla a becco d’asino

The Anguilla a becco d’asino is a specialty original of Comacchio, also called Brodetto d’anguilla. The eel, abundant in the Po delta, is the protagonist of many recipes. To prepare this fish dish you have to fry lightly an onion mince in an oven pan, then the eel well cleaned and without the innards. After that the fish is sliced and put on the pan along with vinegar, salt, pepper and water until you cover it. When the eel is well cooked and the broth is shrunk, you can serve the dish, along with a slice of polenta. The curious name of this recipe derives from a local dialect “a bèch d’easen”, that is an expression commonly used to indicate something made in a hurry.

Brodetto d'anguilla

Brodetto d’anguilla

Salama da sugo

The Salama da sugo is realized with pork, wine red, salt, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. After an year of maturing it’s ready for consumption upon a slow cooking in boiling water. Its strong and spicy flavor goes along with the sweetness of mashed potatoes or pumpkin squash. This dish has noble bearings and can claim the compliments of many eminent people, including Lorenzo Magnifico that received it as a gift from the Ferrara’s prince and thanked him enthusiastic.

Salama da sugo con purè

Salama da sugo con purè

Cappellacci di zucca

The cappellaci di zucca are original of Ferrara and they were served in parties and court banquets. This autumnal first course is prepared with a traditional crust made of water, dough and egg. The perfect stuffing is dense and earthy and is made with cooked yellow pumpkin chopped up with egg, nutmeg, parmesan, grated bread, salt and pepper. Then the cappellacci get stuffed and sealed pinching the edges of the crust. Cooked in boiling water and stir-fried with butter and sage, they are a first course rich and tasteful, beloved by lords and princes!

Pasticcio di Maccheroni

The pasticcio di Maccheroni is a a typical dish of the Ferrara area dating from the XVI century. It’s a dish that was traditionally consumed in the carnival period. It’s very elaborated and it requires many ingredients. This is a shortcrust pastry cake stuffed with pasta, and its main characteristic is the marked contrast between sweet and savory. For its preparation the pastry get rolled in two discs. Apart from that you have to prepare a rich ragù with celery, carrot, onion, many types of meat such as sausage, calf, beef, then mushrooms, white wine, salt and pepper. Furthermore you’ll need a béchamel. After boiling the pasta, preferably “sedanini”, then you put on the béchamel, the ragù, grated cheese and truffle. Leave this stuffing to cool down and put it on the pastry disc. Then the cake is closed with the second pastry disc. Finally you put it in the oven for half an hour. The result is really amazing! An unique dish worthy of the finest court banquets!

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