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Classical music, flowers and the Middle Ages on Lake Bolsena

During your stay along Lake Bolsena, in Lazio, you will be able to appreciate Classical music, flowers and the Middle Ages on Lake Bolsena, and the initiatives and events organized in this beautiful area.


The third Sunday of May Acquapendente celebrates the Madonna del Fiore, with a spectacular colourful festival. The PUGNALONI are beautiful mosaics made ​​with flower petals and leaves composed in honor of the Virgin Mary. In the past, prods were agricultural tools decorated with flowers, today the pugnaloni are panels covered with flowers with the mosaic technique. This event has ancient origins dating back to 1166 when a popular uprising freed Acquapendente from the tyranny of Frederick Barbarossa. It is said that a farmer saw a dry cherry tree flowering, and it was a sign of the Virgin’s protection over the population. The victory came soon and Barbarossa was ousted.


The third weekend of June the FESTA DELLE ORTENSIE (Hydrangea Festival) takes place in Bolsena . An explosion of colors and scents will invade the streets of the city with growers and producers from all over Italy. These beautiful flowers that come from the East, are now spread throughout the world, and in June we can witness the peak of their bloom. They are the stars of the party, with the most common examples easy to take care of and those rare and special species, pride of collectors.




Between July and August in Gradoli, EMOZIONI D’ESTATE (Summer Emotions) will take you into a magical atmosphere made ​​ of music and culture, with a series of classical music concerts organized every year around this time. The calm summer nights are the ideal setting to enjoy the music and the artists, with a large public consensus that participates annually with passion and enthusiasm.


In Bolsena in August, the RASSEGNA DI MUSICA CLASSICA (Classical Music Festival) will be waiting to delight you with concerts and events organized in various locations, from small “Coffee Concerts” in local venues, to the Theatre San Francesco Bolsena which hosts the most prestigious events, and all the other concerts along the city streets and overlooking the famous Lake.

Macchina di Santa Rosa

Macchina di Santa Rosa foto reteluna


In August Bolsena hosts the FESTA MEDIEVALE E CORTEO STORICO (Medieval Festival and Historic Parade), an event to commemorate August 15, 1328, when the siege of Bolsena began by the hands of Emperor Louis IV. The population was able to withstand the siege, defend the fortress of Bolsena and finally repel the enemy forces. The procession relives those historic moments with great participation and a variety of events and people in period costume, including court ladies, drummers, knights and the emperor.


In September Viterbo  celebrates the town patron, with the MACCHINA DI SANTA ROSA. The “macchina” is a big tower, thirty meters high, full of lights, and topped with a statue of the saint.  It’s really impressive and exciting to see the porters carry this spectacular and opulent structure on their shoulders along the streets and alleys of Viterbo while shouting “Viva Santa Rosa.” The event recalls the carrying of Santa Rosa’s body in 1258.

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