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Country flavours of traditional dishes in Modica and surroundings

Ravioli Ricotta e Maggiorana con Sugo di Maiale

The ravioli with ricotta and marjoram with pork sauce are a typical Sicilian recipe, from Ragusa. A rich and tasty dish, typical of the holidays and Sundays. The ravioli are prepared with an egg pasta dough and a filling of ricotta, chopped marjoram, egg yolks and some pepper. In some variations is also added sugar for a sweet version, which contrasts with the sauce. The sauce is prepared with froed olive oil with chopped onion, carrot and celery, then they add the pork cut into pieces and the sausage. It is mixed with wine and then they add the tomato puree. Together with the tomato sauce in Sicily they also use the extract called “astrattu”. It’s a mixture of boiled tomatoes, sieved and dried, until they obtain some blocks. A real home-made tomato paste, which then will be used in the pan for the sauce. The extract was a system to store tomato, but is still used because it gives a distinctive flavor to recipes. The sauce with the pork is prepared on low heat for about 30 minutes and then used to flavor the pasta. The meat will be served as second dish.


Scaccia photo ragusah24

Scacce e Arancini

Scaccia and Arancini are very common dishes at events and festivals and in the past few years have been the protagonists of many events dedicated to the “street food” .The “scaccia” is a typical focaccia of the Iblei and is prepared with water, flour and olive oil. Can be stuffed in a thousand ways, with tomato and basil, onions, cottage cheese, eggplant … to make the scaccia they prepare a thin rectangular dough, it is stuffed and then folded up 2 times on itself, until they obtain a long strip that is cut into slices. Arancini instead are the other typical Sicilian dish, is one of the most famous ever and is made with rice and meat sauce, or with rice and ham, can be round, just like big oranges, or pointed, depending on the area. Today there are many variations to the traditional ones, for examples arancini with seafood or spinach, or baked arancini, rather than fried.

Salsiccia e Sinapu

Sausage and Sinapu is a unique, simple and tasty dish. The “sinapu” is the wild mustard that grows in the area and is harvested in winter. Mustard is simply boiled and drained, dressed with olive oil, garlic and pepper. It has a bitter taste that goes well with meat. The sausage is cooked separately in a pan, and when it is ready is served on a generous bed of warm sinapu.

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