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Religious events, flowers and music in Modica and surroundings


In March, in Scicli there is the Cavalcade of St. Joseph in honor of the saint who is celebrated on March 19. On this date, they organize a horseback procession through the streets of the town. The characteristic of this event is the horse trapping made with flowers.They obtain colorful blankets that represent religious scenes and every year tourists and faithful are impressed by the skill with which they are made. In the streets, residents welcome the procession by lighting small fires called “pagghiari”.


On Easter, in Modica, there is a procession with the Madonna vasa vasa. On Easter Sunday two processions, one with the Madonna, and one with the risen Jesus, go on two different paths and then meet and kiss each other, in the dialect the kiss and the hug are called “vasata”. That’s why is called Madonna Vasa Vasa. At every hug the Madonna takes off the black coat and white doves are released. The meeting is very moving and engaging, followed every year by a large crowd.

Cavalcata San giuseppe (cavalcatasangiuseppe)_opt

Cavalcade of St. Joseph photo cavalcatasangiuseppe


The first weekend after April 23 in Modica there’s the Feast of St. George, patron saint of the town. The faithful called “Sangiorgiari”, carry on their shoulders the statue of St. George on horseback through the streets of the town, with a sustained pace and sometimes even running, to simulate the galloping horse. When they arrive back to the church in the late evening they proceed with several laps between the aisles of the church, and only the Sangiorgiari will decide when to end the race.


In the month of May in Scicli there’s the Feast of Our Lady of the Militia. The festival is a religious celebration and the reenactment of the battle of 1091 when the Normans defeated the Saracens and drove them out of the village. The victory also came thanks to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, which is represented on horseback in armor.


On the 3rd weekend of May in Noto there’s the Flower Festival. The streets are filled with colors and scents thanks to flowers and the arrangements and decorations that are placed along the houses. In the Flower Festival there are skilled artists that create paintings using only flowers, and the Nicolaci street will be the stage to create these beautiful works that celebrate nature.

chocobarocco (chocomodica)_opt

Chocobarocco photo chocomodica


In October in Ragusa Ibla there’s the Ibla Buskers. The protagonists of this festival are the street artists that will bring joy and amazement with spectacular numbers. Acrobats and jugglers, musicians and storytellers, will perform with the backdrop of beautiful baroque buildings of the old town center of Ragusa, which will be the natural stage.


In December there’s the festival dedicated to Modica’s famous homemade chocolate produced in the area. The event, called Chocobarocco because it combines the cuisine to the characteristics of the town, will see chocolate in all its forms, including cakes, sculptures and ice cream, including more exotic combinations!

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