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The amazing Baroque of Modica and surroundings


The old town center of  Modica, as many other villages of the area, is characterized by its baroque style, and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage properties. Modica is also called the town of 100 churches..

The Cathedral of St. George, wonderful representation of the baroque style in Sicily and main church of the town, has an imposing structure with a facade that is about 60 meters high which includes the spectacular dome. There’s a stairway to enter the Church and consists of 160 steps. Inside there are many works of art, among the most important we find the Altarpiece by Bernardino Nigro, behind the main altar.


Cathedral of St. Peter Modica

The Cathedral of St. Peter, was built in the early 300 and modified in later centuries with baroque influences, it is characterized by the staircase with the statues of the 12 apostles at the sides, inside there are the beautiful frescoes representing the old and the new testament.


The old town center of Ragusa is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property because of its architectural beauties in baroque style.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, has an elegant facade embellished with many sculptures and 6 imposing columns. The bell tower is over 50 meters high. The interior has three naves and 14 columns, and contains many works of art.

Ragusa Ibla is the oldest part of Ragusa and until the 30s was a municipality of its own. Ragusa Ibla includes the old town center in baroque style.


Ragusa Ibla

The Bertini Palace was built in the eighteenth century and on the facade there are three sculptures that are the symbol of the Baroque style, called masks. The three characters are the beggar, the nobleman and the merchant.

The Castle of Donnafugata is a beautiful nineteenth-century building, with a neo-Gothic facade, the lodge and two towers. It includes about 120 rooms with ancient furnishings. The castle is surrounded by a large park.


The old town center of Scicli is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property.

Mormino Penna street is an example of this style, among the most beautiful buildings we find Palazzo Spadaro, the church of Santa Teresa, and the Church of St. John the Evangelist.



Beneventano Palace was built in the eighteenth century, and its facade is a beautiful example of the Baroque style, is characterized by large masks placed on the windows, wrought iron balustrades and the coat of arms of Benevento with two dark heads, considered the symbol of the town.

St. Matthew’s Church is the mother church of Scicli. Is situated on a hill and is also the oldest church, has Norman origins and then was altered in later centuries, the facade is in Baroque style.


The town of Noto is considered the capital of the Baroque and itsold town center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property.

Nicolaci of Villadorata Palace, is home to the Municipal Library of Noto and includes many decorated rooms open to visitors. In the facade we can see Ionic columns and sculptures of fantastic animals such as sirens and winged horses, typical of the era.

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