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Intense flavours of the Sibillini Mountains cuisine

During your holiday in La Querceta Country House Hotel situated in Amandola, in Fermo district, in Sibillini Mountains in Marche, you can taste the Intense flavours of the Sibillini Mountains cuisine, and all the typical dishes of this beautiful region.

Tagliatelle al Tartufo Bianco 

The truffle can be found all the year in Monti Sibillini in three varieties: white, black, summer. Tagliatelle with white truffle, as other recipes of the area, is a tasty and prized dish. The best result is obtained with fresh tagliatelle made with flour, water and eggs, cooked just a few minutes in boiling water. To exalt the delicate flavor of the white truffle, the flavoring should be simple and light, for example you can use some butter melted in a pan and then you can sprinkle the truffle over pasta when it is still hot. A delicious recipe!

Fregnacce olio e pecorino

The Fregnacce is a typical dish in Marche, and Amandola dedicates an annual festival to it. It is an excellent fresh puff pastry, made with flour, eggs and water. The puff pastry is cut into squares or triangles, is boiled and then seasoned in various ways, for example with tomato sauce and meat sauce. A great variation is the Fregnacce with oil and pecorino cheese, prepared with olive oil and a sprinkling of pecorino, to get the unique taste of fresh egg pasta.

Tagliatelle tartufo bianco

Tagliatelle tartufo bianco foto giuggiolatartufi

Sugo di Papero

The Duck sauce is an excellent way to season pasta. It is perfect with egg tagliatelle or potato gnocchi, and its preparation is a bit complicated, but it is a delicacy that you can’t enjoy every day! The duck must be cleaned and cut into pieces. Then is time to prepare a sauce made with olive oil, onion, celery and carrot to brown the meat pieces. When the meat is browned, wine is added and everything is cooked for half an hour. Blanched and peeled tomatoes are added with a pinch of nutmeg and everything is cooked for another hour. The result is a delicious and tasty sauce, intensely flavored, ready to mix with pasta. The meat can be served as a second dish.

Coniglio in porchetta

The porchetta rabbit is a stuffed rabbit and is a typical dish in Marche. The filling is prepared with a mixture of ground fat and lean, then fennel, garlic, pork skin, liver and intestines of the rabbit, salt and pepper are added. In a more delicious variant of the dish the filling is made of sausages, bacon, ham. The rabbit is stuffed and baked in the oven, occasionally wet with white wine, until the meat is fully cooked and tender. The filling is sliced and the rabbit cut into pieces when freshly baked, it is served hot.

costolette-di-agnello-alla-scottadito- foto kung-food querceta_opt

Agnello scottadito foto kung-food

Agnello scottadito

The Fingerburning lamb is prepared with lamb chops that have been marinated with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary, then is baked on a griddle or a hot grill. It’s a very used recipe in Easter, especially in Easter Monday. As the funny name says, the ribs should be eaten very hot right when taken out of the grid, with hands!

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