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From the Etruscan necropolis to the medieval castles, near Rome, in Lazio


The center of Rome is reachable in a short time, so you can admire the eternal city in all its beauty, while staying in a quiet relais surrounded by greenery. In the area you can visit other interesting places.


Ceri is a fraction of Cerveteri, a small village where there’s the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ceri. The sanctuary houses the relics of San Felice. According to a legend, the oxen refused to tow the wagon that had to carry the relics to Rome and so they remained in the small hamlet. Among the many frescoes in the sanctuary, the Roman school frescoes are the oldest ones and date back to the 12th century, depicting some of the Old Testament scenes.

Castle of Bracciano photo civitavecchia.portmobility


The Castle of Bracciano, or Orsini Odescalchi Castle, is a beautiful fortress dating back to the fifteenth century, protected by five towers. Inside there’s the Papalina Room, which hosted Pope Sisto IV; The Triptych Room with a precious altarpiece representing the Annunciation; The Hall of Weapons, which includes a magnificent collection of vintage weapons belonged to the Odescalchi family.


In Cerveteri we can visit the etruscan necropolis of the Banditaccia. The area includes more than 400 tombs dating back to the 9th and the 3rd centuries BC. And is one of the largest necropolis in the Mediterranean area.

Etruscan necropolis of the Banditaccia, Cerveteri photo civitavecchia.portmobility

The Cerite National Museum is an archaeological museum that houses the Etruscan finds from the nearby necropolis, including vases, sarcophagi, ex voto.

The museum is located in the rooms of Ruspoli Castle. The castle, built in the 13th century, is made of three towers, including the clock tower. It includes the remains of the Etruscan walls of a previous fortification dating back to the 4th century BC.


In Ladispoli we can visit the Castle of Monteroni, also called Castellaccio. The building has medieval origin and consists of a house surrounded by four crenellated towers, a barn and a stable.

In Palo Laziale, near Ladispoli, there’s the Odescalchi Castle, a beautiful palace surrounded by towers and overlooking the sea. Behind it there’s a magnificent park. The castle is privately owned and can be rented for parties and events.

Odescalchi Castle, Ladispoli photo mapio

The Flavia Tower is a watchtower built in the Middle Ages and strengthened in the 16th century. Today, the top damaged in 1943 is missing, but it can still be visited internally.


The Castle of Santa Severa is located in Santa Marinella. It was built in the 14th century on a medieval pre-existing structure to commemorate the Holy Martyr. The castle is open all year round for guided tours.


The small village of Calcata is located in the district of Viterbo, among the most important buildings there’s the Church of the Most Holy name of Jesus. The oldest part of the village is still surrounded by the walls. Its location on a tuff mountain offers spectacular views of the entire valley of the Treja Regional Park. Numerous naturalistic paths, both on foot and on horseback, offer a unique experience.

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