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Wonders in Marche

An exclusive vacation at the Relais Valcastagno, located in Numana, in Marche, in the District of Ancona, will give you the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places of this region.


The origins of Osimo, located in the district of Ancona, are dated back to the IX Century. The old town of this ancient hamlet has been built on two different uplands. The Cathedral of San Leopardo, a marvellous example of Gothic-Romanesque architecture, overlooks Piazzetta del Duomo.

Of particular quality  are the Basilica/Sanctuary of San Giuseppe from Copertino, Patron Saint of students and patron of Osimo and the Church of San Marco Evangelista, dated back to the XIV Century, as well as the famous Sanctuary of Campocavallo.

The historic palaces in its old town  and the Roman walls, can be mentioned among the places that must be visited. Then, the cellars and the grottos of Osimo in particular are worth of notice, since these are places that offer a peculiar and unique atmosphere.




Offagna, located in the district of Ancona, is a hamlet the origins of which are dated back to the  Middle Ages. It is sheltered behind the wonderful hills of the Conero area, where today it is still possible to breathe and feel the ancient atmosphere. A striking example of its beauty and mighty is given by the presence of its stronghold, built during the second half of the Fifteenth Century, and it is one of the most important castles of the whole territory.

It reveals a square plan building, with a central keep and a corner tower.Also of great value is  the enclosed Museum. Villa Montegallo is another interesting monument from the XVI Century. Then  the Natural Sciences Museum – dedicated to Luigi Paolucci, scientist and naturalist native of Ancona – is worth a visit.




An exclusive vacation at the Relais Valcastagno, located in Numana in Marche  in the district of Ancona, will give you the chance to visit Portonovo, located in the district of Ancona, too.

This ancient angular hamlet, a renowned touristic destination, is surrounded by wonderful glimpses to pristine nature. Portonovo,  enclosed in the Conero area, lies where the Mediterranean scrub reaches the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Being a famous seaside, touristic and artistic location, its amazing beach, where Saracen pirates used to go ashore, has become, today, a pleasant place where it is possible to admire important historical testimonies like the Guard Tower. It is known also as the Clementina Tower, which was built by Clemente XI in the beginning of the Eighteenth Century  and which hosted the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio amongst many famous guests.

Another historic testimony is represented by the Napoleonic pillbox, an ancient military fortress and the Church of Santa Maria, a lovely Romanesque masterpiece, built after 1034 by the Benedictine monks.

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