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Typical festivities not to be missed of the Apulian region: for guaranteed fun

If you decide to visit Apulia and stay at La Masseria “La Macchiola Corti del Mito”, situated in Spognano, in Salento, in Apulia, you will have the opportunity to take part in typical festivities not to be missed of the Apulian region: for guaranteed fun.

Cortili Aperti

Every year during the period of May several municipalities, in particular Lecce and Ruffano, adhere to a very interesting initiative that involves the opening to the public of numerous elegant historical residences. There are also refined villas, farmhouses, courtyards, gardens, residences dating back to the 15th century, castles and much more. An event that has a scent of the past, not to be missed if you are close by in this period.

Locomotive and Jazz Festival, photo by blunote

Locomotive and Jazz Festival

In the period spanning over the months of July and August, major events take place every year in Salento, and in particular in the area of Lecce. The music is played all over the place, discovering landscapes, environment, artistic heritage, glimpses and characteristic villages and much more. This year the event was held from 23 June to 17 August and starring artists such as Daniele Silvestri, Noemi, Rocco Papaleo and Giuliano Sangiorgi (leader of the band “Negramaro”), the latter being the artistic director. In short, an event of great importance, you can”t miss it!

Sagra del Gusto

The month of August is full of gastronomic events in the province of Lecce, especially if you visit the town of Maglie. Right here in fact the Sagra del Gusto, better known as Il Mercatino del Gusto (The Taste Market), is held, celebrating its twentieth edition. A gastronomic journey to discover typical local delicacies, wineries, renowned wines, educational farms, craft beers and countless chefs ready to create the tasty dishes of Apulian cuisine. All accompanied by jazz music, workshops, shows, pizzica courses, literary cafes and so on.

Sagra del Gusto, photo by mercatinodelgusto

Dance of swords and knives

During the month of August, in the municipality of Torre Paduli, one of the most awaited events in the area takes place: the dance of swords and knives. People gather round two duelists who, accompanied by music, mimic the moves of a real duel, simulating a kind of dance.

La Notte della Taranta

At the end of August in the very heart of Salento, in the municipality of Melpignano, takes place one of the most awaited events of the year in Apulia and welcomes tourists and visitors from all over Italy and abroad. It is an event dedicated to the pizzica and international artists.

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