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Festivals, fairs and taranta: a journey in the name of fun

Staying at Bio Masseria Santa Lucia in Alessano, near Capo di Leuca, in Salento, will give you the opportunity to enjoy festivals, fairs and taranta: a journey in the name of fun.

Ville in Festa, Santa Maria di Leuca

The month of May is the one in which the doors of the most beautiful villas of the place open in the town of Santa Maria di Leuca, for the event called “Ville in Festa”, allowing visitors to admire the surrounding gardens and the architectural beauties that characterize it. These structures date back to the period of the 19th century and were designed and built by the architects of the time who worked for the most important families of Salento, who spent their holidays in this wonderful place.

Borgo in festa, Borgagne, photo by Raffaele Puce

Borgo in festa, Borgagne

In June, in the town of Borgagne, there is one of the events that for some time now opens the summer events of Salento. The event in question is “Borgo in festa” during which there will be many events of artistic and cultural inspiration with exhibitions, workshops and music festivals of various kinds. Much awaited, in particular, is the Notte delle 100 chitarre (Night of 100 guitars) during which an orchestra composed only of guitars will give life to the magic, energy and vitality that characterizes the music.

Sagra del gusto, Maglie

The town of Maglie, during the period of August, inaugurates one of the most famous food and wine festivals in the area, which you can not miss during your summer trip to the discovery of Salento. We are talking about the “Sagra del gusto” where the typical products, wines and jazz and folk music are the stars. Every year the event has a central theme: in the 2018 edition the main theme was the barter, that is the exchange of ideas, experiences and skills.

Sagra del gusto, Maglie, photo by mercatinodelgusto

Danza di spade e coltelli, Torre Paduli

In August, during the Feast of San Rocco, in Torre Paduli, the town is crowded with people from all over the world. And it is known to everyone as the moment of greatest attraction of this festival is the Dance of swords and knives, during which there are two “duelists” who perform movements of attack and defense as if they were in a ritual duel. All of this is accompanied by the music of the accordion and the tambourines.

La Notte della Taranta in Melpignano

At the end of August, the town of Melpignano celebrates one of the most famous festivals of European culture, “La Notte della Taranta”. A great concert that hosts artists of international fame, willing to compete with their own pieces but also with pieces of pizzica.

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