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Traditional specialities of the Apulian region: a cuisine of unique flavours

By staying at La Masseria “La Macchiola Corti del Mito”, situated in Spognano, in Salento, in Apulia, you can not miss traditional specialities of the Apulian region: a cuisine of unique flavours.


Among the typical Apulian specialties there are the friselle, which are nothing more than durum wheat taralli. Baked in the oven, they are then cut in half horizontally and then they are given a “biscuit” consistency and then crumbly through a second bake. They have the peculiarity that, before being eaten, it is necessary to wet them with some water to make them soft. Tradition has it that sea water is used so, for a classic effect, it is advisable to salt it slightly. Once this is done, you can season it with the ingredients you prefer: tomatoes, vegetables, garlic, onion, fish such as anchovies. All you have to do is to taste them!

Friselle, photo by scattidigusto


Puccie are typical sandwiches of Apulian cuisine, made with 00 flour, durum wheat flour, a teaspoon of sugar, warm water and approx. four grams of brewer’s yeast. Used both in Lecce and in Taranto, the seasonings for this particular type of bread are quite various: from the typical ingredients of humble cuisine such as zucchini, eggplant, cheese, chicory, rocket and tomatoes that are common in the area of Lecce. In Taranto, however, it is usual to fill these sandwiches with typical fast food and street food such as chips, sausages and hamburgers.


Among the typical sweets of Apulian cuisine, we cannot fail to mention Spumone, that is ice cream usually made with hazelnuts, stracciatella and chocolate with candied fruit, chopped almonds and bits of dark chocolate on the inside. Once made it is left to solidify in round bowls, which allow it to assume its classic spherical shape that make it recognizable.


Sagne ‘ncannulate

The Sagne ‘ncannulate are essentially slices of fresh pasta, strictly handmade, which are rolled up on themselves. These are real lasagne, whose dressings are quite different with regard to sauces.

Ciceri e Trija

You should absolutely try this typical recipe of Apulian cuisine, of Arabic origin, based on pasta and chickpeas, which are the main ingredients. The characteristic is that the pasta is boiled and fried in half, while the chickpeas are cooked alongside garlic, onion, olive oil EVO and various herbs.

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