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The soul of Salento between religious festivals and music, in Puglia

During your stay in Masseria La Tofala, situated in Copertino, in the district of Lecce, in Salento, in Puglia, you can discover the soul of Salento between religious festivals and music, in Puglia.


In May, in Leverano, there’s the Cherries Festival or “Fera ti li cerasi” as said in the dialect of Salento. Between the streets of the town there will be the stands of cherries, together with many other fruits and typical products. On the same day there’s the Feast of Our Lady of Consolation with the parade of dozens of traditional horse-drawn wagons from all over Puglia.


In June, in Galatina, there’s the celebration of Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of the town. Galatina welcomed and sheltered the two Saints during their long journeys. St. Paul could cure every poison with the water of a well, of which we can still see the ruins. On the day of the feast, a long procession will end with the Night of Santu Paulu, with dancing and music.

Celebration of Saints Peter and Paul, Galatina photo notizie.comuni-italiani


In August, in Leverano, there’s the Beer and Sound. An entertaining event that combines music and beer with concerts and exhibitions. We can enjoy hundreds of different beers, find out how to prepare beer, and participate in cool competitions. For example, a competitor who wins a contest wins bear as much as his weight!


In August, in Lecce, there’s the Festival of Sant’Oronzo. For the occasion the saints Oronzo, Giusto and Fortunato are celebrated, who are the patrons of the town. The procession with the statues of the three saints starts from the beautiful Cathedral of Lecce to cross the streets of the old town centre. The attendance of the faithful is intense and the saints are welcomed with prayers and religious songs. For the festival, the streets are decorated with wonderful lights illuminating the entire old town centre.

Festival of Sant’Oronzo, Lecce photo leccezionale


Every year in August, in Melpignano, there’s the Night of Taranta. It is a traveling festival that touches several parts of Salento and concludes with the final concert of Melpignano and involves thousands of people. The taranta is a mix of folk music and folklore traditions typical of the area, with the years the festival has opened up to various musical influences, including pop, rock and soul.


In September, in Copertino, there’s the Feast of Saint Joseph. The patron saint, born in Copertino, is the patron saint of students and aviators. His story is fascinating, he wasn’t a good student, he even told he passed some exams jus for luck! During the feast days there will be numerous religious commemorations and the solemn procession, with the occasion to visit the Basilica and the sanctuary decorated for the celebration. During the evenings there will be many concerts and music, comedians and fireworks.

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Masseria La Tofala is situated in the Salento area of Puglia, a region whose ancient history was punctuated by the ...
Masseria La Tofala is situated in the Salento area of Puglia, a region whose ancient history was punctuated by the ...
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