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Ancient hamlets and wonderful locations in Emilia-Romagna

For those who decide to take a holiday or take a weekend to discover places of incredible historical and artistic charm and to lose themselves among tree-lined paths and pristine landscapes, there is nothing better than to visit Emilia-Romagna, especially Modena and its surroundings.

It is a very cozy hotel located right in Modena, from which you can visit several villages located in the surroundings, as well as the beautiful landscapes of Emilia-Romagna.

Duomo, Modena

Modena, Castelvetro di Modena: squares, museums and towers

Modena and Castelvetro di Modena are localities that can be visited starting from the hotel “La Baccelliera”. Modena is a big city, while Castelvetro is a small village. As for the first, there are many places to visit, especially the Duomo, the Ghirlandina and the many squares. Among these, the one called “Piazza Grande” is able to offer a greater number of clubs and restaurants and is very close to the historic center. Very famous is also the Ducal Palace, built during the Middle Ages and a symbol of the period of the Lordships.

From the artistic point of view, very important is also the Galleria Estense and famous is the “MEF”, whose acronym stands for “Museo Enzo Ferrari”. The Gallery is visited every day by a very large number of tourists and in it you can admire many famous artworks.

In Modena there is also the house of the famous singer Pavarotti, now turned into a museum.

Clock Tower, Castelvetro di Modena

Very famous in the small village of Castelvetro di Modena are the buildings and towers. The most famous are the Clock Tower, Torre Matildica. The first is the most central, because it is in the main square and largest in the city. Among the most visited and photographed historical buildings is the Town Hall. The Municipal vinegar cellar is also famous.

Vignola, Spezzano and Castelnuovo di Rangone: the castles

The villages of Vignola, Spezzano and Castelnuovo di Rangone are small towns that are very popular. In the first two there are the homonymous castles, built during the Middle Ages and renovated several times over the centuries. Their imposing nature means that they can be seen from afar. Castelnuovo di Rangone instead is very famous for the homonymous church, very large and very important from the artistic point of view.

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