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Discovering the typical cuisine an delicacies of the Aosta Valley

For those who want to visit the Aosta Valley, especially the village of Torgnon and its surroundings, the ideal is to take a break at the beautiful facility known as “La Latteria“.

It is a very cozy hotel located in the hamlet just mentioned, near Mongnod, from which you can visit several villages located in the vicinity, as well as the beautiful landscapes of this region. In addition to this, from this B&B you reach locations where you can taste the typical dishes of the cuisine of the region.

By staying at the structure “La Latteria” you will have the chance to make a journey discovering the typical cuisine an delicacies of the Aosta Valley.

Fontina DOP

PDO Fontina, PDO Lardo d’Arnad, Jambon

The “Latteria” is located right in Ascoli Piceno, a city very rich in art, but also historical, cultural and especially culinary. This last point draws many tourists, curious to understand which are the typical recipes of Valle d’Aosta. The hotel in question offers the chance to visit nearby restaurants to taste menus rich in these kinds of food, which include for example the famous Fontina DOP and also the Lardo d’Arnad DOP. The first is a type of cheese typical of the region, and in particular of the village where La Latteria is located, Mongnod. Lard is often discarded by many people, but here it is a very important product and much appreciated in different meals and different recipes. Very useful to give a touch of flavor to the dish, the PDO d’Arnald is genuine and absolutely safe. Jambons are also to be included in the typical recipes of the Aosta Valley region.

Polenta concia, photo by blog.giallozafferano

Torgnolette, Polenta concia, Fonduta, Crespelle alla VDA

Potatoes, fontina and leeks are the basic ingredients to prepare an excellent Torgnolette, another typical recipe of the area based on mountain potatoes, leeks, bacon, fontina and a hint of broth. Polenta concia, on the other hand, is based on corn flour and also butter. It is a very famous dish in the hamlet of Torgnon, but also in the rest of the Aosta Valley. Fondue, on the other hand, is another typical dish, although it should be called “ingredient” rather than “dish”, since it is used in many recipes. Crespelle instead are based on cooked fondue, flour, milk and resemble a mix of very liquid pancakes and fused cheese. Many prefer to add cooked ham and some even butter and pepper, depending on their taste.

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