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From the strong flavor of the wild game to the truffle delicacy: the typical dishes of Umbria

Torta al Testo

The cake al Testo is a typical dish of Umbria, also known as Crescia or ciaccia. It’s a simple mixture of water, flour and salt, similar in form to the wraps, but much easier to prepare. Its name comes from the Testo, the cast iron plate that is still used for cooking. This cake was used instead of bread and today is stuffed with many ingredients such as meats, cheeses and vegetables.

The cake al testo photo giallozafferano

Strangozzi al Tartufo

The Strangozzi with truffle, also called Strozzapreti, is a popular dish in many regions of central Italy. Strangozzi is a fresh pasta that is made with flour and water, the dough is cut it into thin strips. There are various condiments, the most used is the tomato sauce. A specialty of Umbria is Strangozzi with Truffle. In fact in Umbria there are excellent truffles and their delicate flavor goes well with this simple and genuine pasta. Just cut the truffle in pieces and prepare a sauté of garlic and oil, and the dish is ready!

Torta Pasquale al formaggio

The Easter cheesecake, also called cheese pizza, is a typical dish of Umbria and Marche. It has a shape similar to panettone but it is a savory cake. Traditionally they eat it for breakfast on Easter Sunday morning, but it is very good at all times and goes very well with cold cuts. The dough is made with eggs and flour and various types of cheese like pecorino, parmesan cheese, Emmenthal or Gruyere. The traditional recipe also provides the use of lard. The traditional mold is called tiella, but today is used that of panettone.

Piccioni alla Ghiotta

Pigeons alla Ghiotta are a traditional dish made with wild game. In Umbria along with the pigeons they cook also the palomba, which is a type of wild pigeon with a stronger flavor. The entrails are separated and cooked in a casserole with red wine, vinegar, garlic, olive oil, olives and spices. The pigeons are then cooked on a spit and then sliced and put in the pot. The dish requires a long cooking to soften the flesh, at the end we get a tasty and delicious dish!

Roasted goose

Oca arrosto

The roasted goose is another tasty dish of the tradition of Umbria. After cleaning, the goose is seasoned with a compound prepared with butter, salt and pepper, various spices such as rosemary, sage and thyme. The roast duck is cooked in the oven and is wetted with white wine, the long cooking time creates tender, tasty and fragrant meat. An ancient and simple recipe that we can enjoy in Umbria. The Bettona festival has been dedicated to the roasted goose form 30 years.

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