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Tripe, ribollita and acquacotta, the dishes of peasant cuisine in Tuscany

During your stay in Pieve Marsina, and Ripostena, situated in Argenina, in Gaiole in Chianti, in the district of Siena, in Tuscany, you can taste tripe, ribollita and acquacotta, the dishes of peasant cuisine in Tuscany.


The Tripe of Siena is a rich and succulent dish, still highly appreciated, despite its modest origins. Made with the bovine entrails, it is baked in the pan along with chopped vegetables, usually celery, garlic, carrot, fried in extra virgin olive oil. Tripe is a popular recipe in Italy with different variations depending on the area and the tripe of Siena is characterized by the addition of crumbled sausage and red pepper, with the addition of wine, which can be white or red, and the tomato sauce. The cooking is long to let the dish absorb the flavors. Today this operation is easier because the tripe is often already boiled after slaughter. Once cooked, is is flavored with a generous dose of grated Pecorino of the Crete. The tripe is served hot!

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The Ribollita is a symbol of Tuscan cuisine. A dish perfect for the cold season, with poor peasant origins. This dish was born in the Middle Ages when the poor used to boil the leftover bread, wild herbs and sometimes some meat. More recently, the farmers used to prepare this soup on Friday, without meat, but with only stale bread, legumes and vegetables. It was prepared in huge quantities and reboiled in the following days, so that the same preparation was used to prepare more meals. But with subsequent boiling the dish got even more flavor, that’s how ribollita became an “official” dish loved by everyone. Today ribollita is prepared mainly with black cabbage, savoy cabbage, beans, onions, potatoes, carrots, stale Tuscan bread, potatoes, extra virgin olive oil. There are some variations depending on the areas, and the vegetables may change, moreover, like all soups and soups were prepared with the ingredients available from time to time.


Also the acquacotta has peasant origins. It originated in the Tuscan Maremma, is a dish made with simple ingredients. Originally it was simply boiled in water with different herbs, depending on the area and season. Today you can enjoy excellent acquacotta prepared with onions, celery, carrots, beets and tomato sauce. Once prepared, the base of vegetables is added to the boiling water. In some areas of Tuscany they also add the green beans. Today acquacotta is served hot, with a bowl for each guest, in which you add an egg, and season with extra virgin olive oil and pecorino cheese. It goes well with toasted Tuscan bread. Acquacotta is a perfect dish for the cold winter days, with its simple and poor origins has become a tasty and nutritious dish.

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Ripostena Country House set on a hill in Casole d’Elsa, in Tuscany, in the midst of the countryside within easy r...
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