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Typical dishes of the Maremma culinary tradition

By staying at the Agriturismo Sant’Egle located in Soranoin Maremma in Tuscany, you can typical dishes of the Maremma culinary tradition.

Typical products

Among the typical products of the Maremma in Tuscany, to be tasted absolutely once on site, there is certainly the Sorano saffron. In addition to providing a particular taste to the dishes to which it is combined, this precious spice is a powerful natural antioxidant. As if that were not enough, saffron supports the metabolism and, for this reason, also acts as an excellent digestive. Sorano saffron appears in a warm yellow colour and is excellent on pappardelle, risottos and on a particular fresh egg pasta called “chitarrini”, very good if seasoned with clams and shellfish.

Spirulina, photo by dilei

Spirulina is a very small seaweed, as it consists of a single cell, blue-green in colour. It is a vegetable amino acid that is really very proteinic, as it contents more than meat and legumes. Spirulina contains 70% of the proteins, already processed into amino acids that our body can easily assimilate. It is a balanced and complete food as it also contains vitamins, minerals, beta-carotene and the eight essential amino acids.

Stevia is another typical product that is produced in Maremma: it is a natural sweetener that contains no calories and, therefore, is very suitable for all those who suffer from diabetes. Its particularity is that it can sweets 350 times more than sugar, so it must be tried during a trip to Tuscany.

Truffles are another of the typical products of the Maremma Toscana and, in particular, the tuber brumale which is available in the periods from January to March. It is a truffle with a black rind, with small pyramid-shaped warts. Its scent is delicate, as well as having a delicious taste on the dishes.

Pici all’aglione, photo by agrodolce

Typical food

Among the typical delicacies of the Maremma Toscana we can not fail to mention the pici all’aglione: it is a very old recipe that requires that the pici, a long pasta similar to spaghetti but much bigger, are made by hand. As for the seasoning tradition says that you should use a whole head of garlic, olive oil, tomato and basil according to your taste.

The buglione d’agnello is another typical recipe of the Maremma, which roots itself in the peasant tradition of the area. To make the recipe you need lamb, tomato pulp, toasted Tuscan bread, bacon. For the sauce, just onion, white wine, vinegar, chilli pepper and garlic.

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