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Treviso between Sile and Cagnan rivers

An exclusive holiday at Roncade, in the Veneto in the Treviso province, will give you the chance to visit Treviso between Sile and Cagnan rivers, one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Veneto.


Treviso, delicious capital city of the province of the Veneto, is an attractive city with a historic centre, surrounded by city walls and running water.

Among the many splendours is the Museum of Santa Caterina, once a Church which has recenlty been renovated to house the Museo Civico (City Museum), a speldid art gallery and an important archeological collection. It is worth visiting the Church of San Francesco and the Church of San Nicolò, a stunning example of gothic architecture. The Duomo of San Pietro, the most important place of worship, dates back to the 6th Century, while the Piazza dei Signori embodies the heart of Treviso, both as a social centre, and from a historic and cultural point of view.

The Loggia dei Cavalieri is, however, a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture with  great influence from the elegance of Bizantine art, and was completed in the second half of the 13th Century. The Canale dei Buranelli, known also as the Cagnan Medio, is a picturesque structure which characterises the historic centre and which takes its name from the one of the bridges which crosses the Botteniga.

Cagnan della Roggia o Siletto

Cagnan della Roggia Treviso


An exclusive holiday at Roncade, in Veneto in the Treviso province, will allow you to admire Altino, an ancient town which is found in what is known today as the communal territory of Quarto d’Altino, found in the province of Venice.


Archaeological Museum Altino

It is a settlement which has ancient origins dating back to paleo veneto times, and which, after being taken by the Romans, established a prestigious role, simply by virute of being a notable commercial port next to the Venetian lake and the intersection of various important routes. Nowadays, of its ancient glory there remains significant Roman ruins, which is an archaeological area of particolar value, eriched by the presence of an interesting Museum.

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