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Peschici and the beauties of Gargano

Peschici and the beauties of Gargano


The renowned seaside resort, Peschici, in the Foggia province, is found in  Gargano. The first notable historic news about this pleasant town dates back to 970, by order of Ottone I, the Slaves, after driving away the Saracens, founded Pesclizio.

Of notable value are the beaches, such as that of Jalillo, the Marina di Peschici, the Beach of di San Nicola, the Beach of Zaiana and the Bay of Procinisco, along with the traditional Trabucchi and the various Towers for viewing. It is also worth visiting the Castle and the Abbey of  Santa Calena erected in 872.



Vico del Gargano

Vico Garganico is a famous seaside resort in the Foggia province.

The area has been inhabitated since the prehistoric era, and was, according to tradition, founded in 970. However, Vito Garganico dates the first relevant historical document back to  1113, the period in which the Normans erected a fortress, noted today as the Norman Castle. The building is a wonderful example of cultural, artistic and functional architecture, which went on to take place across the following centuries. Built in the vicinity of the Castle, the Matrice Church is the oldst building of the Vico village. The Del Carmine Church of 1603, the Della Misericordia Church, the San Domenico Church, the Santa Maria Pura Church, the San Giuseppe Church and the San Marco Church are all also of great value.

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Santa Maria Pura Church

The Vicolo del Bacio (The Alley of the Kiss), which can be found in the historic centre not far from the Church of San Giuseppe is very original and romantic. The road is no wider than 50 cm, and no longer than 30 metres, and it is the meeting place for lovers celebrating St. Valentine’s day on 14th February.

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