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Middle Ages, kites and air ballons in Ferrara


Goro, on Ascension Day, celebrates the rite in honor of the “great river”. The blessing of the Po river dates back to the rural customs that feared the floods and therefore the loss of the harvest from the fields and mills. Today this impressive ceremony still takes place with the boats in the river and the parish priest who gives his blessing by launching four sets of ears of wheat, each towards a cardinal point and a ball of wax in the center, the so called BALA IN PO, in order to calm the waters.


In Ferrara, the last Sunday of May, the PALIO DI FERRARA (Ferrara horse racing) takes place; an exciting horse race in Piazza Ariostea sees the eight districts of the city, four within the medieval walls and four outside, challenging one another to clinch the much coveted Palio dedicated to St. George. Many medieval costumes, flag throwing and music performances are just a backdrop in this beautiful medieval event that has its origins in the thirteenth century.


Palio di Ferrara foto ilrestodelcarlino


In May the sky of Ferrara is painted with VULANDRA, il FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE DEGLI AQUILONI (International Kite Festival). If you think that the kite is a children game, you will be amazed to see the Italian and foreign kite runners competing against each others with their beautiful kites in acrobatics manoeuvres. A festival for young and old with kites of every size and color, gathering experts, curious, professionals or enthusiasts, this unique festival attracts thousands of spectators. It also hosts workshops and courses for those wishing to learn or improve their technique of building or flying!


Ferrara in May holds the FERRARA BALLOONS FESTIVAL, an extraordinary event with balloons from around the world. Come to Bassani Park to admire these giants of the air rising in the sky in all their glory. The Festival has established itself in just a few years as one of Europe’s most prestigious and well worth a visit!

Ferrara Balloons Festival

Ferrara Balloons Festival foto ilsole24ore


In June, the POMPOSIA IMPERIALIS ABBATIA historic event takes place in Pomposa . A re-enactment of the medieval period of the year one thousand is staged at the Abbey of Pomposa and around the village, with a fascinating exhibition of villages, fields of soldiers , fishing villages, medieval markets. All animated by music and shows and of course a rich gastronomic offer!


At the end of August Ferrara hosts the Ferrara Buskers Festival. The Buskers are nothing more than street musicians, so widespread on the streets of London and New York, and much less here in Italy, where playing on the streets is not permitted in many municipalities. This festival has been created for all those artists away from the labeled stages, but no less capable and rich of inventiveness, artists free from any constraint or rule of the market, and that represent cultural richness and musical value.


Between September and October in Comacchio, you can enjoy delicious dishes during SAGRA DELL’ANGUILLA (Eel Festival), event now in its seventeenth edition. In addition to the delicious eels you can sample many other local products, such as hams and wines.

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