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A journey to discover the delicacies of Emilia-Romagna

For those who want to visit Emilia-Romagna, especially Modena and its surroundings, the ideal is to stop at the beautiful hotel “La Baccelliera“.

It is a very welcoming hotel located in Modena, from where you can visit several villages located in the vicinity, as well as the beautiful landscapes of this region. In addition to this, from this facility you can reach locations where you can taste the typical cuisine of Emilia Romagna.

By staying at the facility “La Baccelliera”, located in Modena, you will have the chance to make a journey to discover the delicacies of Emilia-Romagna.

Prosciutto di Modena

Parmesan, vinegar and ham

“La Baccelliera” is located in Modena, a city very wealthy from the artistic point of view, but also historical and cultural and especially culinary. The latter draws many tourists, curious to see which are the typical recipes of Emilia Romagna. The hotel offers the chance to visit nearby restaurants to taste menus rich in typical specialities, such as Parmigiano Reggiano & Prosciutto di Modena.

The first one is a typical product of Emilia-Romagna, known all over the world for its unmistakable taste. When we mention “Prosciutto di Modena” we mean a typical product of this city. Balsamic vinegar is also made in Modena. It is a seasoning widely used throughout Italy, especially on meals such as meat or even on strawberries and salads.

Rabbit with balsamic vinegar, photo by blog.giallozafferano

Typical dishes: tortellini in broth, Lasagne, Zampogne

Tortellini in broth, Lasagne, Zampogne are just some of the typical dishes of Emilia Romagna. The first courses are often filled with meat, as are the second courses, famous for their meat sauce. Also well known are Tortelloni di ricotta vecchia Modena and zampone con i fagiolini. Balsamic vinegar is often used on rabbit meat. In fact, there is a recipe called “coniglio all’aceto balsamico” (rabbit with balsamic vinegar). The main feature of the first courses of Modena and Emilia Romagna is the fact that the pasta of both Tortellini and Lasagne or Tortelloni, is homemade. The taste of these recipes is very particular because the products used are genuine and come from the territory itself. The recipes are not difficult to prepare, but you need time to make them, because you must first prepare homemade pasta. It is no coincidence that the ragout and also the Lasagne emiliane, as well as other recipes of Tortellini and Tortelloni, are eaten throughout Italy and there is no region that knows how to make them better.

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La Baccelliera

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La Baccelliera is located near Modena, in Emilia Romagna, in a very quiet location, just outside the town, and conv...
La Baccelliera is located near Modena, in Emilia Romagna, in a very quiet location, just outside the town, and conv...
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