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The traditional dishes of Murge Plateau

During your wonderful holiday at Canosa di Puglia, in province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, in Apulia, you can taste The traditional dishes of Murge Plateau, and all the delicious recipes of the Apulian tradition.

Tiella di riso e cozze

This rustic dish, commonly called mussels rice and potatoes, originates in the city of Bari but it’s popular in the whole region. Apparently, this dish goes back to the XVII century, during the Spanish domination, and it’s associated, due to the similarity, to the paella, typical food of the Spanish tradition with rice, vegetables and fish. The tiella is a dialect term that means baking tray, once made out of terracotta, in which the food is cooked. In the past the cooking was done in the baking tray covered with embers, while nowadays the recipe is perfectly cooked in the oven. Just like the paella this dish of humble birth has many variants because it changed depending on which ingredients were available, but the basis of rice, potato and mussels remained unchanged. this delicious recipe is prepared with layers of rise, mussels, potatoes, tomatoes and onion, a mince of parsley and garlic and lots of olive oil. All of this goes in the oven at 200 degrees. At the end of the cooking some pecorino gets sprinkled on the dish, and here’s your tasty and unique dish!

Tiella di riso e cozze

Tiella di riso e cozze foto foodbloggermania

Orecchiette di grano arso con rucola pomodoro e ricotta salata

If the orecchiette are the emblem of the Apulian cuisine, Bari in particular, this first course is characteristic of the city of Foggia. The burnt wheat is a specific kind of wheat that gets toasted and smoked to give to the pasta the dark color and the unique taste. This type of wheat was recently rediscovered also in other areas of Italy, but the roots of this recipe dates back to the poor rural tradition of Puglia, when farmers had to get the remaining wheat after burning the stubbles, that was practically burned, and combined it with the little flour they had. Nowadays this dish isn’t very popular and it’s a real speciality that you won’t find in the common restaurants. The Orecchiette of burnt wheat are great with a cherry tomato and rocket sauce, along with oil, garlic and chilli. When the sauce is ready the salted ricotta is added and melts down, mixing with the rest and giving a creamy consistency to the sauce. The dish is really tasty and it’s worth to enjoy it if cooked by the capable hands of the best Apulian chefs!

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