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Traditional recipes of the Salento cuisine

While staying at Bio Masseria Santa Lucia, in Alessano, near Capo di Leuca, in Salento, you can enjoy the raditional recipes of the Salento cuisine.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of own production

Salento is the land of tasteful typical products, which are confirmed by the fact that they are produced genuinely directly by local producers. One of the excellences of the Apulian territory is the extra virgin olive oil: the presence of olive trees in this area of the peninsula is known to everyone, as well as the presence of olive growers who annually produce and sell throughout the territory their precious “green gold”.

Jams of own production

Among the typical delicacies to taste during a trip to Puglia are jams, which are produced with love by local confectioners. The Apulian jams are natural, genuine, healthy and produced using only fresh fruit from the local crops. Jams are available for all tastes: orange, cherry, plum, strawberry, peach, apricot, fig, tangerine and even red currant that is not available everywhere.

Taralli, photo by ricette-bimby

Taralli, Friselle and Tozzetti of own production

Among the delicacies to taste are the taralli, ideal during the aperitif to accompany a glass of red wine. The friselle have a circular shape, are seasoned with tomatoes, oil, salt and oregano. Made with durum wheat, before seasoning you have to dip them with water. Tozzetti are typical sweets of Apulian cuisine made with toasted almonds, chocolate and cinnamon.

Dried tomatoes

Among the typical dishes of Salento cuisine there are dried tomatoes, whose production relies on a very old recipe. Dried tomatoes blend well with pizza, pitte, in the preparation of risottos, dry pasta and meat. Once dried you can store them in a bag, ensuring that the place chosen is dark and dry.

Dried tomatoes, photo by oggi

Almond pasta

Almond pasta, also known as “royal paste”, is one of the most famous sweets to be enjoyed in Salento. It originates in the Middle Ages, in the East and in North Africa, where almond flour was mixed with the sweetness of honey. The recipe of Salento requires that almonds dominate, present in the proportion of 1 kg, in comparison to 800 grams of sugar, which is the element that differentiates it from the Sicilian almond paste.

Ciceri and trija

This is a typical first course of Salento cuisine, made with durum wheat semolina pasta, half boiled and half fried. The pasta is served with chickpeas cooked with EVO oil, garlic, onion and various flavours.

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