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The oldtime flavours of Milan and surroundings


You can’t visit Lombardia without tasting the Risotto, a well known and appreciated dish in Italy and in the World with different recipes. In Lombardia the rice cultivation has always been important and still is in the agricultural production of the area and the rice is the main ingredient of lots of traditional recipes. There are many Risotto recipes in this region, starting with the Risotto alla Milanese prepared with Vialone rice or Carnaroli rice. It is prepared with fried onion, butter and beef marrow, then the rice is added with white wine. Then a good soup is prepared with meat and vegetables and then is filtered, saffron is added to give it the typical yellow colour and a delicate aroma. The rice cooks for about 20 mins and the soup is added slowly. Once it is taken off the heat you can stir with butter and add more cheese, you can add gorgonzola for a tasty variant, an excellent main course!

Risotto-alla-milanese fot granconsigliodellaforchetta

Risotto alla milanese photo granconsigliodellaforchetta

Lepre in salmì

The Lepre in salmì is a tasty dish. It is prepared with excellent hare meat, cut into pieces leaving the blood, liver, stomach and heart aside. The hare is put in a bowl to marinate overnight, with celery, carrots, bay leaves, sage, thyme, marjoram, pepper, all covered with red wine. Barolo or Nebbiolo are the best. After removing the hare meat from the marinade, the remaining juice is filtered. The hare is browned with bacon cut into cubes and with vegetables, then the liver and other aromas are added. During the cooking the filtered wine from the marinade is poured slowly. When the meat is perfectly cooked, remove it from the pan and add liver and sifted vegetables and then the blood, the sauce will thicken more and will be poured on the hare meat. This dish is served with a tasty polenta!


Lepre in salmi photo pianetadonna


In Lombardia the Wild meat is the protagonist of many traditional recipes. Even if we don’t need to hunt meat anymore, it is a shame to miss the unique taste of the wild meat, a kind of high quality meat that is still cooked in some restaurants in Lombardy with both traditional and revisited recipes. This region offers a rich variety of wild meat like pheasants, partridges and quails that are roasted, or cooked with risotto or polenta. The deer and wild boar fillet, roasted duck breast, and deer sauce are also very tasty. Other excellent recipes are the guinea fowl with chestnuts and prunes, the pheasant alla milanese, and many other recipes that exalt the flavour of this meat.

Lombardia awaits you with its unique and delicious traditional dishes!

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