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The most beautiful celebrations in Mantua area

The opportunity to enjoy  the most beautiful celebrations in Mantua area.

Mercatini Antiquariato a Mantova e Sabbioneta

Villanova de Bellis, which belongs to the municipality of San Giorgio di Mantova, in the district ofMantua, is the place where, in 1984, the Festa dal Turtel – one of the most traditional, pleasant, and well-realised feasts, occurred for the first time. The event has been able, throughout the years, to provide this hamlet with some unforeseen luster, also thanks to its quality, its hospitality  and its people’s kindness.

This is surely an incredible chance to keep  local cookery and gastronomic traditions alive, so that the young ones will inherit them. In order to understand the importance and the value of this event, it is more than enough remembering some of its numbers: 15.000 straight metres of puff pastry produced, 180.000 wonderful tortelli strictly handmade, 8.000 eggs and about 24.000 kilograms of delicious local pumpkins.

Castellaro Buskers Festival

Castellaro Buskers Festival

Castellaro Busker Festival

The entire hamlet of Castellaro Lagusello, a neighbourhood of Monzambano (in the district ofMantua), – enlisted, among  other things, in the 200 of the club of the Most beautiful hamlets of Italy – offers a wonderful and magnificent background to the Castellaro Busker Festival, an intriguing and peculiar feast that begins on Friday of the first weekend in September.

So, set into one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy, it will be possible to attend to this magnificent event, which has become more and more relevant throughout the years, being able to attract thousands of spectators, each time the exhibition begins. The Castellaro Busker Festival is a wonderful exhibition which incredible artists take part in.

Not only musicians interact here, but also some amusing clowns, dance groups, quick-changers, entertainers, jugglers, and acrobats. Hence, it is an important exhibition of street art, which has achieved, over time, an attractive role also thanks to its original and cheerful traits. At the end of the many performances of the concluding soiree, at the rest stop, it will be possible even to meet the different artists who have enlivened the Castellaro Busker Festival, within an exhibition of a-laugh and amusing jam sessions, feast, music, and wine, until late night.

Festival della Letteratura Mantova

The Mantua Literature Festival was founded in 1997, and it is a cultural exhibition that traditionally occurs on the first days of September. During this important event, they disclose, following an interesting sequence, reading meetings, authors, but also concerts and performances, as well as artistic installations.

Since its early years, the exhibition has benefitted from a remarkable success and public acknowledgment, making it one of the most appreciated appointments of culture and literature in our country as much as in the rest of Europe. The Mantua Literature Festival draws inspiration from similar exhibitions already existing in Anglo-Saxon Countries; in particular, the one that takes place in Wales is known as Hay-on-Wye.

Not without reason, this peculiar formula  has found a fine adaptation in those particular traits of the town that gave birth  to Virgil. The Mantua Literature Festival is also characterised due to the peculiarity of its meetings that occur between authors and public. Nevertheless, Mantua itself offers a wonderful background to the execution of those meetings that occur exactly within the marvellous old town, on its squares, and in its gardens, as well as inside its extraordinary lordly palaces.

Segni d'Infanzia

Segni d’Infanzia

Segni d’infanzia

When you stay at the Agritourism Corte Rocca, located in Lombardy in San Giorgio di Mantova near Villanova de Bellis (District of Mantua), you can take advantage to see the infancy signs international festival.

The theatre of art and infancy signs international festival is a magnificent artistic event, oriented to both children and kids within an age ranging from 18 months up to 18 years inclusive. It is dedicated as much to the school environment, as the family one, as well as to any theatre lover, but also to the research and expression of arts.

Artists coming from several European and even more distant countries will exhibit in shows,multidisciplinary performancesitineraries of art, and workshops, where dancesculpturetheatre, painting  and music, will mix into an incessant inspiration among arts.

The theatre of art and infancy signs international festival takes its origins from a Dario Moretti’s idea, in 2006. It is based on the belief that it is feasible providing children a high-quality artistic proposal, which is not aimed only to entertainment ending in itself, but which is able to offer them those creative, emotive, and sensory stirrings that only children are able to absorb and rework with great strength and often through brilliant and unexpected ways.

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