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Among Venetian historic commemorations and delicacies

The lovely Maso di Villa Relais, located in Veneto, in Susegana (District of Treviso), in Prosecco Hills, allows to enjoy among Venetian historic commemorations and delicacies.

Assaporando Cison

Tasting Cison, whose name comes from the place where it occurs – which is located in Veneto, in the District of Treviso – is an astonishing food-and-wine event, a real joy to the eyes and an incredible delight to the palate, which is provided with a marvellous background like the historic Brandolini Wine Cooperatives, and Piazza Roma.

During the celebration, you will have the chance to attend to cooking classes and dairy exhibitions, cooking shows by star-qualified chefs, and historical remembrances.

Tasting Cison, in one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy, shows itself also as unique opportunity to try local products whose origins are strictly regulated and guaranteed. It will be also possible to meet artisans and experts of the taste, and visit one of the most important market expositions in the food-and-wine sector, where sampling and selling will be proposed, but also specialties and thematic menus.

Dama Castellana

Dama Castellana

Dama Castellana

The Dama Castellana Association, founded in 1984, is the promoter of the Renaissance historic remembrance of the clash occurred in 1231 in Conegliano, in the District of Treviso, in Veneto.

At the beginning, the exhibition considered only the presence of original groups from different Italian towns. In 1986, for the first time, drummers and flag-wavers from Conegliano appeared in the historic cortège. The first flags were hand-made, while their posts were simple broom handles. The tabors were composed by some players from the town marching band, which were made available as courtesy to participate into the cortège.

Yellow and blue are the social colours of the group, while its coat of arms is an ochre dragon on black background, lying its claws next to both a checkerboard and the town shield. After that, in 1986, the historic group of the Assisi drummers took part into the Dama Castellana, they had an important push from the drummers group, so much so, that the Association decided to buy its first drums and launch a sort of school, to which they added, a little later, a clarion school, a kind of stretched bell-shaped trumpets devoid of piston valves.

Artigianato Vivo_opt

Artigianato Vivo Cison di Valmarino

Palio di Asolo e dei 100 Orizzonti

Founded in 1992, the peculiarity of this exhibition lays on the remembrance of the Queen Caterina Cornaro’s arrival, in 1489, in the wonderful hamlet of the March of Treviso.

The Municipalities of San Zenone degli Ezzeleni, Peder obba, Paderno del Grappa, Crespano del Grappa, Fonte, Altivole, Maser, and Asolo, compete against each other.

The programme is quite dense of events: “Walking among the foresti of Asolo, between theatre and taste”, “Seven-kilometre guided tour to discover natural beauties and historical peculiarities of the town, with snack areas”, “The Garzaia of the Heron Town of Pederobba”, “Walking among nature and history around the Stronghold of Cornuda”, but also “Guided tour through the Foresti of Asolo”, including some stops along the path to the Stronghold, “Guided tour to the environmental education centre of Lipu” plus six-kilometre stroll through the naturalistic path of the oasis “The Garzaia along the River Piave”. The exhibition ends with the traditional pasta and toast under the summer stars.

Artigianato Vivo

In Cison di Valmarino, in the District of Treviso, from the 7th to the 16th of August, the Alive Artisanship Exhibition is one of the summer events more awaited in the entire Region of Veneto. It is an event that gathers a higher and higher number of tourists and visitors, but also academics, artists, and experts from all over the Italy.

Not for nothing, Cison di Valmarino is considered as the Artisanship Capital, a magical location where folklore, art, and tradition meet, offering an amazing journey to discover ancient physical crafts and knowledge, all happening within a wonderful open-pit workshop.

Cocofungo foto lastanzadelvinonotizie

Cocofungo foto lastanzadelvinonotizie


The Cocofungo group has been founded in 1976 from a Beppe Maffioli’s idea, the one who is considered as the standard-bearer of the Treviso gastronomic culture, together with Fernando Raris, his journalist friend, and expert of the flavours of the good cookery.

Cocofungo is an extrovert pun between the name of the Caesar’s amanita, called Coco, and the contraction of the word “Cuoco” (the Italian word for “chef”). The founders’ aim was to bestow nobility to this mushroom, a primary product in the Treviso Pre-Alps cookery, making it the main ingredient in various scheduled soirees in the restaurants belonging to the Cocofungo group.

Thanks to the passion of this group of restaurateur friends, who were strongly committed to this project, the initiative became a real Manifesto of the entire gastronomic culture of the March of Treviso. Cocofungo has been the ancestor of the many thematic gastronomical exhibitions that have been spreading all over the Country, becoming a part of the leadership in the sector of the wine-and-food tourism.

Sojourning at the lovely Maso di Villa Relais, located in Veneto, in Susegana (District of Treviso), will give you the chance to attend to this tasteful event.

During the exhibition, they organise street markets, selling typical local and handcrafted products. The Codfish Festival will liven up also the alleys of the old town of Sandrigo, in the District of Vicenza, through folklore and music.

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