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Festivals and events in the Langhe

Torneo Dell’Antica Rotonda

In April, the flag-wavers and musicians group from Borgo San Pietro, in the District of Turin, together with the FISB (Flag-wavers Italian Federation), and the support of the Municipality of Asti, organises the Ancient Rotunda Tournament. This event is dedicated to the Baptistery of San Pietro, the exquisite architectonical jewel that belongs to Borgo as well as to Asti.

Torneo Dell’Antica Rotonda

Torneo Dell’Antica Rotonda


On the 25th and 26th of April and from the 1st to 4th of May, Vinum takes place, a traditional market exhibition regarding the fields of farming and oenology. The event, nationally renowned, takes place in Alba, in the District of Cuneo, in the Shows and Conventions Palace.

Street Food Ed Langa

In an area where the gastronomic tradition plays a relevant role, the Street food ed langa, literally “street food of Langa”, represents its highest expression. The usage of exceptional raw ingredients and the fact that customers are served with single portions, allow them to taste the galüperie of this land, wandering around the town and tasting a glass of wine.

The philosophy that brings together the Hamlets of Alba, participating in the Carousel of Hundred Towers, is that the so-called street food has to be cooked taking inspiration from a strictly traditional recipe. The Street food ed langa, then, will occur on those squares that host the Vinum stands, to propose confetti and foods baked in parcel ready to try.


Palio degli Asini Alba

Fiera di Primavera – Priocca

On the first days of May, at the Concentric of Priocca, in the District of Cuneo, the traditional Spring Fair – New Wine Feast takes place, a market exhibition regarding the fields of artisanship and farming.

Alba Music Festival

The Alba Music Festival arises from the fitting connection between Alba, a town in the District of Cuneo, and the St. Mary’s College of Maryland, located in the United States of America.

The Alba Music Festival is created and supervised by Giuseppe Nova, Larry Vote, and Jeff Silberschlag; they are artists that offer their vast international knowledge and experience, regarding the development of this surprising music festival. The magic of music and the charm of these places are the background for international artists that gather, in every edition, a large and numerous public.

An exciting and spectacular path, through the finest places in Alba, to reach the many majestic Castles, the Churches, and the most evocative spots of this incredible territory.

The Alba Music Festival offers free and public concerts, international soloists, recitals, orchestras and musicians coming from all over the world, and more than one hundred of apprentices. It surely is an event of cultural excitement, which has born and developed right through the meeting between the European culture and the New World one.

Palio degli Asini Alba

Palio of the Donkeys is a traditional contest coming from the year 1275, when Alba and Asti were at war. The inhabitants of Asti, to show their victory, ran a Palio right outside the walls of the town of Alba. The inhabitants of Alba, which in turn, ran a Palio right inside their own walls, and they replaced the horses with donkeys. In Piazza Osvaldo Cagnasso, adorned on purpose, on the first Sunday of October, there is a remembrance of the episode. The seven donkeys from each borgata compete for the Palio. The majestic historic parade, counting more than one thousand of walkers-on, leads off the event.

The parade of the flag-wavers follows the same choreographic style too, with its members that toss in the air the tinted cloths of their flags, greeting the crowd of visitors approached here to admire their finesse.

In an instant, Alba revives the spirit of the Medieval Age, charming the numerous public also with the several standards that would be hung up on the windows and on the balconies of the most important town roads. Knights and dames parade, foreran by the standard-holders; moreover, there are several halberdiers, soldiers, nobles, men and women of the people and traders, elders and young ones, enchanting damsels wrapped in wonderful damasked dresses and classy matrons dressed up with precious and heavy velvets, and then, the Podestà, in all his nobility, seating besides the lady of the Town of Alba.

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