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The most beautiful castles, necropolis &religious buildings of the Tuscan Maremma

In Tuscany, you can visit the most beautiful castles, necropolis & religious buildings of the Tuscan Maremma.


The walls of Seggiano

The small village of Seggiano is surrounded by the medieval wall that marks the border. The wall is made of stone blocks and there are three doors to access the village: the Porta di San Gervasio, the Porta degli Azzolini and the Porta del Mercato.

Castello Potentino

The Potentino Castle has a medieval appearance, it has two distinct areas: the outer part which consists of various rural buildings and a more internal part which is accessed through an arch in a wall with blackbirds on the top.

Giardino di Daniel Spoerri, Seggiano photo by

Giardino di Daniel Spoerri

It’s an artistic park in the municipality of Seggiano, the picturesque garden of Daniel Spoerri. The park/garden that extends over a property of about 16 hectares, houses contemporary works of art located in an apparently random route and a botanical path.


Cathedral of San Pietro

The Cathedral of Sovana, Concattedrale di San Pietro, is the main place of worship of the medieval village. It was built between the eighth and ninth centuries, the temple made in Romanesque style has been renovated many times up to the ‘600.

Palazzo dell’ Archivio

In the town center of Sovana, in Piazza del Pretorio, there’s the characteristic Palazzo Comunale better known as Palazzo dell’Archivio. The structure consists of two rectangular buildings leaning against each other.

Palazzo Pretorio, Sovana

Palazzo Pretorio

The historic building located in the town center has two levels and is entirely covered with tuff blocks. The Palace that overlooks the homonymous square, houses the visitor center of the Archaeological Park of the Tuff and the documentation center of the territory of Sovana.

Mura di Sovana

Defensive system of the village of Sovana, the walls have three architectural styles linked to different eras: Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance.

Rocca Aldobrandesca

Located near the old town center of the village of Sovana, the structure stands on a pre-existing structure of Etruscan origin and today you can admire the ruins covered in tuff.


The necropolis, with a great variety of Etruscan tombs, is characterized by the chamber tombs, which represent the most varied type. There are also dice tombs, tympanum tombs, niche tombs and temple tombs.

Necropoli, Sovana


Collegiata di San Niccolò

The Collegiata, sacred building located in the center of Sorano, has a distinct Romanesque architectural structure that can still be seen today despite the many renovations and extensions. The façade has its classical structure.

Cappella di Santa Barbara

The Chapel of Santa Barbara, built inside the Orsini Fortress, is a Sacred building located in the center of the town of Sorano. It is difficult to date its construction which is presumably located between the late ‘500 and the first half of the 18th century.

Abbazia di Montecalvello

Built in the Middle Ages as a Benedictine Monastery, the structure is located in the town center of Elmo. The prestige of the Monastery grew thanks to the stay of Ildebrando di Sovana who became Pope Gregory VII.

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