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Tuscany: among medieval fortresses and pristine nature

When one wants to spend a relaxing moment surrounded by nature, Tuscany is a region that can offer pristine nature and clean air.

In order to discover Tuscany: among medieval fortresses and pristine nature in the province of Livorno.

This charming building, with its stone houses is located in the woods, and is part of a complex that also includes the Baths of Sassetta extending for approximately 70 hectares within the Parco Forestale di Poggio Neri.


Spending your holidays at Podere La Cerreta in Sassetta, you will have the opportunity to visit Suvereto small medieval village and its beautiful Rocca Aldobrandesca.

The building that bears the name of the ancient noble family that ruled over the village, played the role of “palace of power” from where to manage the estates scattered throughout the Maremma.

In fact, the fortress seems to date back to the time of the fall of the Roman Empire and built for purely defensive purposes.

It is not by chance that the trapezoidal walls connected to this one are united to the tower of the fortress and to what today is the town hall.

Rocca Aldobrandesca, Suvereto

Continuing the visit of the village you arrive at the former convent of San Francesco, of which there are few visible traces even though you can still admire its beautiful cloister. It has a square plan and is bordered on each bank by five arches on pillars.

The cloister, also had a central tank that is no longer visible today since it was lost.

The structural characteristics and acoustics of the place, make it ideal for organizing especially in summer, cultural, food and wine, musical and social events.

Another building to admire is the Palazzo Comunale, dating back to medieval times is a wonderful example of how the civil architecture of that time has left a tangible mark throughout the territory.

Initially, the Palazzo Comunale was not only the seat of government of the municipality but also a lookout point of the village since it is flanked by an ancient tower which now houses a clock but in ancient times housed a bell that announced the convening of the municipal assembly.

Inside the building has a steep staircase with a porch supported by three columns: two circular and a square that is located in front of the Piazza dei Giudici, where people met to listen to the communications and sentences that were issued by the magistrates.

Praetorian Palace, Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima

Another town worth visiting is Campiglia Marittima where there is the thirteenth-century Praetorian Palace.

It is the ancient home of the Captain of Justice but has undergone many renovations over the centuries: still today you can admire the various coats of arms that the powers inserted on the main facade to erase those of the previous government of Pisa.

The Praetorian Palace has a very high clock tower with a beautiful bell with which it overlooks the other buildings in height.

Today the palace houses the Children’s Library, the historical archive, the Carlo Guarnieri Museum and the Mineral Museum.

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