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A journey to discover the history and culture of Sovano, Sorano and Pitigliano

The Agriturismo Sant’Egle located in Soranoin Maremma in Tuscany, is thus the best choice for those who want to enjoy a journey to discover the history and culture of Sovano, Sorano and Pitigliano.

Sorano & Sovana

The Fortezza Orsini of Sorano was built in the XII century, at the behest of the Aldobrandeschi family, but it was only later that it became an effective property of the Orsini family and, to be precise, since 1293. It develops in depth, since it can boast five underground floors. It was quite independent as it had a mill, tanker for collecting rainwater, a tuff quarry and was so large as to be able to contain the entire population of the country.

Fortezza Orsini, Sorano

Inside there are the Museo del Rinascimento and the Museo del Medioevo. The Parco Archeologico Città del Tufo gathers three different territories: Sorano, Sovana and Vitozza. These three areas together form the so-called area of tuff, a portion of land remained defenceless to the action of man as well as being characterized by the presence of volcanic rock which lends the park its name. It is possible to visit monumental Etruscan tombs, the Tomba della Sirena, the Tomba Ildebranda and the Tomba dei Demoni Alati. The Tomba Ildebranda, in particular, is a funerary monument excavated in 1924 by Gino Rosi dating back to the third century BC, as well as being excavated on three different sides. The Vie Cave are paths dug by the Etruscans in the hills of tuff, with high walls of tuff, are present both in the town of Sorano and in that of Sovana and it is not known at present their intended use. Do not miss a visit to the quarries of San Sebastiano and Cavone.

Acquedotto Mediceo, Pitigliano


It took three years to build the Acquedotto Mediceo di Pitigliano, built between 1636 and 1639. Requested by the Medici Family, the Medici Aqueduct is a magnificent hydraulic work aimed at ensuring that the village of Pitigliano can, on a daily basis, obtain the necessary water supplies. It consists of two rather large arches, above which there is a niche opening, on the left are developed, however, thirteen other arches that are smaller in size. The Cattedrale Dei Santi Pietro e Paolo is one of the most famous and important places of worship in the municipality of Pitigliano. The Cathedral is arranged in two orders, as well as being bordered by four pilasters. The travertine portal dates back to the 16th century, and on its sides there are two niches decorated with stuccoes. Note the low relief in Carrara marble, depicting Maria Assunta.

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