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Epiphany, agricultural traditions, and patronal festivals among the events of the Maremma

In Tuscany, you can take part to epiphany, agricultural traditions, and patronal festivals among the events of the Maremma.


On the evening of 5 January, in Montemerano, takes place every year a characteristic tradition of the Tuscan territory dedicated to the befana. During the evening groups of children and adults dressed as Befana and accompanied by musical instruments, go door to door singing for the inhabitants. Anyone who opens the door will receive the sock and the festive dances of the witches.


A small village in the Tuscan Maremma is the setting of one of the most awaited events of the season, the Carnival of Montorgiali, during which the village is transformed into a medieval village. An unusual and characteristic carnival event characterized by fun and good food.

Carnevale di Montorgiali, Montorgiali photo by


In March, the spring equinox in Pitigliano is celebrated with a bonfire: the Torciata of San Giuseppe, lit in the main square of the village. The tradition, which has ancient origins, saw the Etruscans celebrate the arrival of Spring with the lighting of a huge bonfire that symbolized the burned winter to leave space for the purified Spring.


In April in Montorgiali, there’s the celebration of San Giorgio the protector. The celebrations take place in two days full of events, opening with a characteristic excursion that ends in the food and wine stands set up to welcome the hikers. There’s also the procession in Roman historical costumes that starts from the main square of the village and ends with the blessing of the families of the faithful.


In July in Castell’Azzara, the undisputed protagonist of one of the most awaited events of the season is the truffle. Two days entirely dedicated to this precious tuber: events, conferences, tastings and music will be the setting for this food and wine event which wants to highlight the peculiarities of the territory. “Certame del Tartufo” is one of the traditional culinary competitions that take place during the event, which sees skilled chefs preparing the protagonist of the event in the most original and the most classic recipes.

Torciata di San Giuseppe, Pitigliano photo by


In July, in Semproniano, one of the most characteristic medieval villages of the Maremma, well known for its eco-friendly cultivation and as a strategic center of biodiversity, an event is organized every year by the associations of the country. The event recalls the past and consists in the re-enactment of the firm threshing, during which the grains were cultivated in a respectful ways and following the ancient rules.


On August 10th, Grosseto celebrates its patron San Lorenzo: the celebrations open the evening before the official date with the traditional procession that goes through the streets of the center and ends in the Cathedral with the Holy Benediction of the bishop. To open the procession, two huge oxen of the Maremma drag a wagon on which there are the bishop and the wooden statue of the Patron. Following the procession, cowboys on horseback make the solemn procession, an event that attracts many visitors and devotees to the patron.


In October in Montemerano, magic, fire, giant witches, aerial acrobatics in the center of the country, are just some of the attractions that can be admired in the days dedicated to witches: October 27th and 28th.

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