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Carnival, Middle Ages and Halloween, among the festivals of Sabina area

During your stay in Chiusa della Vasca, situated in Castelnuovo di Farfa, in Rieti district, in Lazio, you can take part to Carnival, Middle Ages and Halloween, among the festivals of Sabina area.


In February in Poggio Mirceto there’s the Poggiano Carnival, which has been organized for 150 years! A colorful parade of allegorical floats and masked groups organized according to themes and subjects, will invade the streets to celebrate carnival and involve the population. If you’re not part of a group do not worry, there are many individual masks you can use to take part in the celebration! On the same days there’s the children’s carnival, dedicated to small masks and their favorite characters.

carnevale poggiano (teverenotizie)_opt

Poggiano Carnival photo teverenotizie


In June, in Castelnuovo di Farfa there’s the Fiorile. The old town center will be decorated with flowers and plants, each balcony, gate or terrace will be decorated with colorful compositions. Meanwhile many stands distributed through the village will offer you the best products of the region starting from the oil. There will also be musicians and artists to entertain you and workshops designed for children to keep the little ones busy with recreational and educational activities.


In August in Roccantica there’s the Middle Ages Festival, an historical re-enactment related to the events of 1059, when the Pope Nicholas II took refuge in the fortress attacked by Benedict X. The inhabitants defended the Pope and the enemies withdrew. There were only 12 survivors of the battle and the Pope founded the feud to reward them.


Middle Ages Festival photo Massimo Renzi


At the end of July in Fara, there is the Fara Music Festival, a music festival dedicated mainly to jazz that is also involved in courses and workshops for those who want to approach to this music genre.


In September in Castelnuovo di Farfa there’s the Free on Paper. A very interesting festival about independent publishing with readings, exhibition stands and creative writing workshops. There will be meetings with Italian and international authors who reveal the backgrounds of their works.


In September in Cantalupo in Sabina there’s the ARTEr.i.e, Review of Expressive Hypothesis. For 12 years this event has been based on the works of artists that appeal directly to the public. Performances take place freely along the streets of the town, every street expresses a discipline, from singing to poetry, from music to dance. The exhibition also offers numerous workshops and laboratories from contemporary dance to music, film and television, the oral tradition singing, storytellers and storytelling.


On October 31 in Castelnuovo di Farfa there’s Halloween Gothic Fest. The whole village is decorated, every house, square and alley reminds the ancient Celtic tradition telling that on the night of October 31 the spirit world meets that of the living. Skeletons, tombstones, pumpkins and bats, as tradition fill doors and windows, and children can go to houses for the “trick or treat”.

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