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Spicy and tasty dishes of Sicilian cuisine, in the province of Trapani

Booking your holiday at Dream House, located in Castellammare del Golfo, in the province of Trapani, Sicily, you will taste the delicious recipes of Sicilian gastronomic tradition.

Cous Cous alla Trapanese

The cous cous alla trapanese is a typical dish of Sicilian cuisine, as it comes from the city of Trapani. The cous cous is a dish of North African origin, and was the fishermen that brought it  to Sicily  from Tunisia. Unlike the Moroccan cous cous, based on meat and vegetables, the cous cous alla Trapanese is prepared with soup fish flavored with paprika. In spite of its flavor, it is considered a cheap dish, because fishing was one of the jobs done by poor people.

Cous Cous alla Trapanese,

Pane cunzato

The pane cunzato, or seasoned bread, is one of the typical Sicilian traditional meals.

In ancient times it was defined as the bread of misfortune, because it was generally consumed by the people, who did not have great resources. As they couldn’t afford better food, they used to  enrich the bread with cheap and easy to find flavors, smells and seasonings.

Traditionally, the pane cunzato is a single large loaf, seasoned with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, cheese, salt, oregano and anchovies in oil. Nowadays there are many other variations, but always respecting the typical Sicilian products such as  capers, aubergines, salted ricotta, olives, basil or tuna.

Sicilian Arancini  

Arancini is one of the most famous Sicilian dishes. It is a large fried rice ball, stuffed with meat sauce, mozzarella and peas. The name recalls the fruit of the orange, because it reminds its shape and color. The origin of the Arancini seems to come from the Arabs, who used to eat rice and saffron seasoned with herbs and meat. However the invention of the classic breadcrumbing comes  from the court of Frederick II, to be able to better transport the food during trips or hunting. The breading in fact, ensure an excellent preservation of rice and seasoning, as well as convenience in transport.

Sicilian Arancini,

Anelletti Timbale

The Anelletti timbale is a very special Sicilian traditional dish. The Anelletti is a particular kind of pasta meaning “little rings”. The traditional recipe for this unique dish varies according to the area, and may include very different ingredients such as meat sauce, peas, salami, eggs, primosale cheese or ham. This recipe is known since the 19th century, during which it spread throughout the island.

Today, the Anelletti timbale is prepared as a picnic dish, but also as a main course for family celebrations.

Busiate allo scoglio

Busiate is a typical kind of pasta from Trapani. The particular name of this pasta comes from the rush cane that was used in ancient times to twist the dough, but nowadays it is much more convenient and practical to use knitting needles as tools, called “busi” in Sicilian.

The preparation of busiate allo scoglio is very simple. It is all about cooking pasta and seasoning with prawns, prawns, shrimps, clams and squid, previously cooked with white wine and herbs.

Do not forget to flavor with the orange juice and zest, which give the dish the true Sicilian flavor.

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