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The flavours and traditions of Lake Bracciano

During your stay at Trevignano Romano, in the province of Rome, on the shores of Lake Bracciano, Lazio,  you will be able to appreciate The flavours and traditions of Lake Bracciano, and the initiatives and events organized in this beautiful area.


In June Anguillara Sabazia will offer you the chance to enjoy all the delicacies of the SAGRA DEL PESCE (FISH FESTIVAL). This festival’s been loved by locals and tourists alike for over fifty years and characterizes Anguillara summer with dishes made ​​with delicious local healthy fish and, served on the Piazza del Molo in different recipes. The festival is enriched by many other food stands in the nearby streets and rich in local goods. There is no shortage of musical events, dance performances, swimming races, and the traditional boats race (Palio delle barche), to finish in style with fireworks on the last night of the celebration.


Laghi di vini


In June Bracciano offers you to taste fine wines during the festival LAGHI DI VINI (Lakes of wine). Now in its eighth edition, this festival dedicated to Italian wine attracts enthusiasts and experts from Italy and the rest of the world. In the beautiful setting of Lake Bracciano, join a tasting tour guided by expert sommeliers in order to live a unique sensory experience.  Art exhibitions, musical events and of course the obligatory tour of the lake on board of the Sabazia boat complete this fine event.


Processione delle Barche foto iltabloid


Trevigano Romano, on August 15 hold the PROCESSIONE DELLE BARCHE CON LA STATUA DELLA MADONNA (PROCESSION OF BOATS WITH STATUE OF VIRGIN MARY). The night procession on the lake is really fascinating and for more than sixty years the boat with the statue of the Virgin Mary is followed by numerous boats festively illuminated and by faithful participants walking along the pier, until reaching Trevignano harbour, where the celebration for Mary’s Assumption will end with fireworks. The solemn procession testifies the strong link between the lake and the Virgin Mary, as well as the love for the Lake, centre of the economic and social life of this village, which is also shown in other events preceding the night procession on mid-summer night, one example being the fishing competition for children and the canoe race.


FESTA CONTADINA (Farmers Festival) takes place in August in Bracciano and involves many other towns and neighbouring villages included in the Regional Natural Park of Bracciano Martignano. This is a travelling event that aims to rediscover the traditional cuisine, music and folk poetry in the same way it was experienced by farmers and lumberjacks. The tasting of local products will come hand in hand with artists, poets and storytellers who will perform with their extraordinary ability to improvise; crafts and old working tools will also be shown, there will be specific seminars, exhibitions and art shows, all related to the woods and country life.

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