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The delicious fish dishes in the Noto Valey

During your stay in the Relais Torre Marabino, situated in Ispica, in Ragusa district, in Sicily, you can taste the delicious fish dishes in the Noto Valey.

Caponata di Melanzane

The Eggplant Caponata is a typical dish of Sicily and is traditionally made with oblong purple eggplants, preferably from Palermo. Eggplants are diced or sliced, salted, and after an hour of rest during which they lost the water, they must be washed and quickly fried until they become golden.A sauce is prepared separately with onion, olives, boiled celery, capers and tomato sauce, and when everything’s ready you can add the eggplant and complete cooking. Finally you can add some vinegar and sugar to give a sweet-sour taste. This delicious dish is ideal in summer and it is even better if left to cool completely.

Eggplant Caponata photo feudoarancio

Cavatelli alla norma

Pasta alla Norma is a typical Sicilian dish, more specifically from Catania, and owes its name to the opera, when a playwright tasted the pasta and called it Norma to enhance its perfection. Even in cavatelli alla Norma the main ingredient is the eggplant, which is cut and fried, and then added to a tomato and onion sauce. Drained cavatelli, even better if fresh and homemade, are put in the pan with the sauce. The final touch of a good pasta alla norma is the grated ricotta, to make an excellent first dish!

Tunnina con cipolla “atturrata”

You can not visit Sicily without tasting the seafood dishes. Among the many specialties, fresh tuna is certainly one of the most beloved. The tunnina with atturrata onion, needs the use of tuna (in Sicilian, tunnina is the female tuna which was traditionally considered the most valuable) and white onions in a sweet and sour sauce. The sliced tuna fish is fried in plenty of oil while separately they cook the onions in a pan. Then bittersweet flavor is created by adding vinegar and sugar. Then the tuna is served on a plate and covered with the bittersweet onions! This second course of fish is great eaten warm or cold.

Tunnina with atturrata photo semplicementehariel

Calamari “a ghiotta”

Another tasty fish dish is the squids “a ghiotta”. This recipe is done with a sauce made of onion, green olives, celery, capers, potatoes and tomatoes. The sauce is prepared in the pan and the washed and cleaned squids are added to the ghiotta. This method of cooking originated in Messina is used for other fish such as swordfish or stockfish. The ingredients are simple and very common in the Mediterranean and the recipe is very old, handed down by generations of fishermen who cooked many types of fish. Traditionally, a ghiotta sauce should be abundant, it is accompanied with homemade bread or can also be used on pasta, creating an equally succulent first course!

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Relais Torre Marabino is situated in the same-named district, Contrada Marabino, an area between the towns of Ispic...
Relais Torre Marabino is situated in the same-named district, Contrada Marabino, an area between the towns of Ispic...
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