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Tasting the cuisine of Lake Garda

During an exclusive stay in Villa Bissiniga, situated in Salò, in Lombardy in Brescia district, you can get to know different flavours, tasting the cuisine of Lake Garda.

Uccelli scappati

These tasty meat rolls wrapped with bacon, flavored with sage and often served with the traditional polenta, are called uccelli scappati. According to a well known legend that marks the origin of this curious and original saying, some hunters, after an unsuccessful hunt, replaced the escaped birds, as the name of the recipe, with these delicious rolls.


Uccelli scappati

Bigoli alla gardesana

One of the dishes belonging to the Garda’s traditions is bigoli, a kind of pasta which reminds spaghetti. The bigoli are prepared with soft flour, and they are handmade thanks to the use of a special press that is able to make the pasta’s surface rough, to make the sauce absorption easier. In the past, they were prepared with sardines during those days in which people had to eat lean, as, for example the Holy Friday and the Christmas Eve.

Bigole_alla gardesana

Bigole alla gardesana

Pesce di lago in risotto o pasta

Brescia is lucky because of the presence in its territory of the Lake Iseo, Lake Idro and Lake Garda, and has also its ancient story and its wonderful nature, and don’t forget the gastronomic tradition that has its roots in ancient times, forged and influenced by different denominations.

Using local products is a way to express the culinary art of this population, and, for this reason, this land sees its lake fish used as the base of a lot of dishes prepared by the housewives in Brescia. Alborelle and aole were the most used gastronomic material because a lot of these fishes can be found in Iseo and Garda lakes.

Today, they’re almost a rarity, even if it’s possible to taste them in many restaurants in the area. A great opportunity to go back in time and eat a traditional dish with the ancient flavors and wisdom exalting its taste.

torta di rose

Torta di rose

Torta di rose

An exclusive stay in Villa Bissiniga, situated in Salò, in Lombardia in Brescia district, will allow you to taste the famous Torta di rose, a typical dessert with ancient and noble origins.

The tradition dates back to 1490, when Isabella d’Este came to the Gonzaga court to marry Francesco II. Some magnificent celebrations were organized to honor the guests from Ferrara, and sumptuous banquets were organized with the delicious dishes of the famous renaissance cuisine in Mantova.

The famous Cake of roses was created to honor the one who today would be called the first lady. Isabella was fascinated and surprised. The famous chefs working in the Gonzaga House were able to exalt common and simple ingredients, mixing softness, sweetness and charm. This delight is still made with the same passion and attention. 

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