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Verona, the town of Romeo and Giulietta

A vacation in B&B Il Maestro, who is at the center of the city of Verona,  is going to let you comfortably visit the astonishing town of Verona.

In the popular imagination, the Scaliger town – World Heritage Site – is the town of the tragic love story between Romeo and Giulietta, the famous Shakespearean tragedy. However, the beauty of Verona does not run out on Giulietta’s balcony, on the contrary. Not for nothing that the symbol of their house represents just the beginning of an interesting cultural and historical path.

Verona, founded most likely by the Euganei, from the III Century A.D. was a Roman allied. It is the town that gave birth to the famous Roman poet Catullo. Verona is rich of arts, historical, and cultural testimonies, all condensed into a town that still preserves a strong evocative atmosphere, made of alleys and squares.


Verona Arena

Among the attractions that could be visited, there is the worldwide-renowned Arena, the symbol of the town. The Roman amphitheatre, better known as Arena, was built, most likely, in the I Century, and like any other amphitheatre, it hosted the gladiatorial games. It is a solid and imposing structure, exteriorly made of bricks and red marble, which create a unique chromatic effect. Still today, it is a breath-taking stage for concerts and musical performances.

In a small yet beautiful square, among a number of minute details and harmonious buildings, you can find the Duomo of Verona. It was built over the ruins of two pre-Christian churches, and even though they consecrated it in 1187, it remained under construction for a lot of time afterwards. Its façade is the outcome of overlaying both Gothic and Romanesque Style, with a stunning gate underneath a couple of arches.


Church of San Zeno

The legend says that, during the Adige flooding in 589, the water stopped in front of the Church of San Zeno, where many believers took shelter. This church is one of the most relevant examples of Romanesque architecture in Italy, and its current exteriors seem to be dated back to the XII Century. The Church of San Zeno still preserves the body of the Saint, and it is rich of paintings and sculptures dated back from the XII to the XVI Century. What deserves particular attention is the San Zeno Altarpiece, painted by Andrea Mantegna.

There is one place where legend and reality merge together, and that is the famous Giulietta’s Balcony, located in the city center, acknowledged by the inhabitants of Verona as the Capuleti’s House. The building shows a beautiful façade and a Gothic gate. In its yard, there is a bronze statue portraying Giulietta.

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