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Nuts, cheeses and potatoes of Madonie Regional Park

During your holiday in La Masseria Susafa situated in Polizzi Generosa, in Palermo district, in the Madonie Park, in Sicily, you can taste nuts, cheeses and potatoes of Madonie Regional Park.

Sfincione di patate e menta fresca

The sfincione is a recipe typical of Palermo. It is a cake with simple base but very tasty, topped with tomato sauce, onion, oregano, anchovies and cheese. It’s the street food par excellence and is common to find in Palermo a chance to enjoy it from the street vendors. Sfincione of potatoes and fresh mint is a richer variation, in this case you will taste the sfincione baked in the oven and prepared in layers of pasta and potatoes, and the inevitable sauce and cheese.

Sfinci of St. Joseph photo mangiarebuono

The sfinci instead are desserts, they are made with a dough of eggs and flour and are fried. The traditional recipe says to fry them in lard, although today they use oil. Fried sfinci can simply be sprinkled with sugar, and are excellent carnival sweets, or you can also prepare them in a more delicious way as the sfinci of St. Joseph. These were traditionally prepared on March 19 to celebrate the saint, but they’re now available all year round. In this case they prepare a delicious cream of ricotta cheese with chocolate chips to stuff the sfinci and garnish with cherries and candied fruit.

Torta alle nocciole

The hazelnut cake is a simple and rustic dessert with peasant origin. It is made with few genuine ingredients such as flour, eggs and chopped hazelnuts, and sometimes today is enriched with hazelnut cream. The cake has a strong flavor and a soft texture. It was a winter dessert, but today is available all year round. This cake is perfect for breakfast or for tea. For the preparation they use Sicilian hazelnuts, whose production is very developed, among the best known varieties of hazelnuts there are Nebrodi and Madonie ones which are a protected variety with Biological origin. In Sicily you can also enjoy a delicious hazelnut paste or find the hazelnut flour to prepare many other delicious recipes!

Sfoglio Polizzano

The sfoglio Polizzano, is a typical dessert of Polizzi Generosa. Its origins date back to the seventeenth century, and was invented by Benedictine nuns. It is a cake with a base of butter pastry and with a sweet taste. Two pastry layers are stuffed with a delicious filling of Tuma, cinnamon, sugar and chocolate. Tuma is a typical Sicilian cheese spread throughout the island, is made with sheep’s milk, is actually a phase of maturation of the pecorino cheese. It is a cheese that should be served cool and goes very well with the preparation of many recipes both sweet and savory. The sfoglio polizzano is eaten cold, and it tastes better if you let it sit at least one day. In Sicily is also prepared in a salty version, as the sfoglio of Ragusa, with a delicious filling of ricotta and sausage!

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