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Medieval and sport events in San Severo and surroundings

During your stay in San Severo, in Foggia district, in Puglia, you can take part to medieval and sport events in San Severo and surroundings.


On April 25 in Chieuti there’s the RACE OF THE OXEN. This historic event, also called the Palio of San Giorgio, is linked to the celebrations for the patron saint of the town. The oxen are prepared for the race, harnessed and blessed, four pairs of oxen are tied to each wagon and the 4,5 km race begins. Each wagon participating represents a district and consists of two drivers and eight riders. The winner will have the honors on the next day at St George’s procession with the admiration of the crowd who participated with intensity throughout the race and the rituals organized for the patron.


On the third Sunday of May in San Severo there’s the celebration of the patron saint, the Madonna del Soccorso, along with St Severo and St Severino abbot. In addition to the liturgical celebrations, the FESTIVAL OF AID provides two large processions with hundreds of participants, statues and simulacrums of saints, carried on the shoulders of the faithful. The participation is intense and the processions passing through each district is accompanied by spectacular fireworks. Thousands of faithful and tourists visit San Severo every year just to take part in these impressive processions.


Race of the oxen photo notizie.comuni-italiani


In June, in Torremaggiore, there’s the HISTORICAL PROCESSION OF FREDERICK II and FIORENTINO. This event was created in 1985 to commemorate the founding of the town dating back to the thirteenth century. The procession proposes the costumes of the time, when Torremaggiore was founded by the refugees of town of Fiorentino, destroyed in 1255. The town was home to Frederick II of Svevia and when his son Manfredi began a fight with Pope Alexander IV, he attacked and destroyed the town. So the survivors found refuge in the Abbey of Torremaggiore and rebuilt their new home in this place.


In July in Marina di Lesina you can participate in the RACE OF COLORS. This event is very young, now in its second edition, and already has many fans and admirers. The entire route will be decorated and colored for the occasion, and the participants will be greeted by the “arrival party.” There are no categories, there are no winners or losers. The motto “the important thing is to participate” is well represented in this race, only designed by the love for sport!


Festival of Aid photo notizie.comuni-italiani


In Lucera, on the 14-15-16 of August there’s the celebration of Santa Maria, patron saint of Lucera. The celebration is very old but the parade was conceived in 1983 and commemorates the delivery of the keys of the town by Carlo II d’Angiò. In memory of this gesture, the bishop of the town gives the keys to the Saint to start the procession. The TOURNAMENT OF KEYS is represented by a prestigious football tournament loved by the population.


On the last weekend of September, in Pietramontecorvino, there’s the commemoration of the middle ages with SOUNDS FLAVORS AND COLORS OF TERRAVECCHIA. The parade includes hundreds of actors in period costumes to impersonate ladies, knights, jugglers, flag bearers and musicians that will brighten the streets. In addition to this procession, food and wine exhibitors will present their products to locals and tourists with tastings and themed paths.

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