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Handicrafts, mushrooms and truffles in the festivals of Parma area

During your stay in the exclusive Bed & Breakfast Al Battistero d’Oro, situated in Parma, in Emilia Romagna, you can enjoy handicrafts, mushrooms and truffles in the festivals of Parma area.


In early March in Parma there’s the Mercante in Fiera, an exhibition of antique and modern objects, with thousands of exhibitors. An event loved by collectors from all over Europe, with all kinds of objects from common ones to the most strange and eccentric ones.


In May in Parma there’s Cibus, an international food festival, with dishes from all over the world, conferences and debates on organic foods and new production methods. Great attention is also given to waste, with the presence of the Food Counter for the redistribution of unsold or donated food.


At the end of May, every year in Zibello there’s the Culatello festival. For more than thirty years this fair values the culatello of Zibello with food stands and tastings, also with other foods such as sweets or beer, locally produced. There are also many exhibitions, shows and craft markets.


In September in Parma there’s the Palio of Parma. After several days of festivities with medieval costume parades, flag throwing performances that represent each of the five gates of the town, on the day of the Palio there’s a race with donkeys, a race of men called scarlet race and a race of women called race of green cloth. The winners get a painted canvas as prize. The event originated in the fourteenth century, in honor of the festivities for the engagement of Mary Magdalene, the daughter of the Lords of Padova and Gilberto son of the Lords of Parma.


Palio of Parma


In September in Borgotaro every year is organized the Borgotaro Mushroom Festoval, IGP product. This mushroom is not cultivated but searched in the woods and retains many original features. For the occasion, you can taste the Borgotaro mushroom prepared with hundreds of delicious recipes, along with many workshops, hiking in the woods, music and shows, craft markets.


In October in Parma you can take part to the Verdi Festival. At the Regio Theatre of Parma a whole month is dedicated to the works of Giuseppe Verdi, who was born in a village a few kilometers from Parma. The public can also attend the performance practices, workshops and meetings dedicated to the students of all schools.


In November in Parma there’s the Gotha, an international exhibition of antique objects. You can see objects from around the world, paintings, jewelry, sculptures, old books. Many antique shops, galleries and art institutions, but also privates, display their works and organize thematic conferences about the collections, the construction techniques and the history of the objects.


Between October and November in Calestrano there’s the Fragno Black Truffle Festival, during which you can taste the tagliolini with truffles, the rolls, ravioli and many other dishes prepared for the occasion, also with tastings of local wines.

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Al Battistero d’Oro is right in the centre of Parma and owes its name to the nearby Baptistery, which was designe...
Al Battistero d’Oro is right in the centre of Parma and owes its name to the nearby Baptistery, which was designe...
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